Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1830

    Chapter 1830: Both of You Don't Need To Come Anymore

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    "Assistant Feng, you're finally here! Where's Director Parker?" Cheng Yibin peeked behind the assistant, but he did not see anyone.

    The assistant said courteously, "Apologies, Director Parker is currently receiving honored guests. Please come back another day."

    Cheng Yibin was stunned when he heard the update. "Honored guests? Which honored guests could make Parker interrupt such an important contract?"

    They were just one step away from signing the contract, and he had even made reservations for the celebratory feast too, yet now there was a sudden change. Cheng Yibin immediately looked quite overwrought. He lowered his tone to say, "Assistant Feng, could I trouble you to pass the message to Director Parker that we've long made an appointment to sign the contract today? On my end, I've rejected quite a few important gigs for Xiaorou just to rush here. Now that your company is suddenly changing the dates like this, it's quite inappropriate. If we have to reschedule the appointment, we might not be able to free up our time within the next one month on our end."

    Cheng Yibin's tone came with a severe warning.

    When Liu Xiaorou heard Cheng Yibin, her confidence was boosted. Now that she was an artiste with Starlight Entertainment, things had changed.

    A hint of mockery flashed in the assistant's eyes. Not only did she not look nervous at all, instead she replied unhurriedly, "We're not changing the dates. The both of you don't need to come anymore. We've already decided on a different candidate to be the spokesperson."

    "What did you say!?" The second the assistant finished, Cheng Yibin immediately shot to his feet.

    Disbelief flooded Liu Xiaorou's face.

    "Who do you think Starlight Entertainment is? You want to change the spokesperson as you wish, but you're not even going to talk to us?" Cheng Yibin felt utterly embarrassed and his face was covered with rage.

    The assistant laughed, then slowly said, "Mr. Cheng, your words are too serious! You know the rules in the industry as well. Verbal promises don't count. As long as nothing's signed, anyone can have the chance to compete. Besides, even if it's a verbal agreement, it would also be between Director Parker and Mr. Xu, so it should have nothing to do with Mr. Cheng, am I right?"


    "But the person Xu Tao fixed to be the spokesperson was me!" Liu Xiaorou whined unhappily.

    "Well, now Mr. Xu has recommended an even better candidate for us."

    Cheng Yibin's lungs were about to explode, yet he did not dare to really cause a scene at YLD. He could only suppress his anger and ask with a gloomy expression, "Who's the spokesperson that Director Parker has recently decided upon?"

    He really wanted to see who had not watched their step and actually dared to steal the ambassadorship from Starlight!

    So what if they had stolen this spokesperson's gig? He would immediately shut her out. See if Xu Tao can protect her!

    "Apologies, this is classified information. Forgive me for not being able to reveal more," the assistant simply said before leaving right away.

    Liu Xiaorou fell onto the chair in a stupor. "This can't be... Xu Tao couldn't have had any better candidate to offer..."

    Cheng Yibin snorted, "He probably pulled some dirty trick!"

    Liu Xiaorou was incredibly anxious. "Bro Bin, what do we do now? This ambassadorship was supposed to be mine! Bro Bin, you must help me get it back! I've waited for so long and then..."

    "It's just a small spokesperson's gig. What are you anxious about? Your horizons are too narrow! You're with me. Are you worried that you won't be able to get any other ambassadorship?" Cheng Yibin said.

    Parker was already behaving with this attitude. How could he get it back?

    He would not be like Xu Tao, acting all shamelessly just for a spokesperson's job!

    Liu Xiaorou wanted to say something more, but when she saw Cheng Yibin being so impatient, she just kept quiet and felt aggrieved.

    Cheng Yibin had strong cards in his hand. All of the excellent opportunities would go to the others first, so what good opportunities would he have for her?