Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 183

    Chapter 183: Married And A Wife

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    Early next morning.

    Ning Xi wore a light pink dress with a pair of white low-heeled sandals. She wore light makeup, and her natural curls had been straightened so that her hair fell in a wave over her shoulders. As usual, the pink heart-shaped hair clip had been pinned into her hair at her temples. In short, she looked very much like a good wife and loving mother.

    Lu Tingxiao was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper, and he was stunned for a moment when he saw her. "This appearance"

    If it wasnt a special occasion, Ning Xi tended towards a simple and light style most of the time. This was the first time that he had seen her dressed like like a true lady.

    Ning Xi bounced excitedly in front of him. "So, so? Do I look like Im married and am a wife?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at her, and there was a meaningful and profound light in his eyes: "Very much so."

    Married and a wife.

    There were no more beautiful words than these.

    "Hey, hey, thats good! This way, I wont be ripped off when I shop at the market!" Ning Xi nodded in satisfaction. "Then Im leaving!"

    Just as she was about to take a step, she couldnt move her legs.

    It was Little Bun hugging her leg again.

    Ning Xi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at her "leg accessory". "Darling! Why are you up so early?"

    Little Treasure rubbed his sleepy eyes and stretched out his arms, indicating that he wanted a hug.

    Of course Ning Xi had to pick him up. "Im just going grocery shopping, I'll be back very soon!"

    Little Bun still clung to her neck.

    "Can we go with you?" At this time, Lu Tingxiao spoke from the side.

    Ning Xi blinked. "Ehh, the both of you want to go as well?"

    "Its just nice, we can take Little Treasure out for a walk," Lu Tingxiao said.

    Little Bun also nodded his head vigorously.

    Ning Xi scratched her head. "Of course you can go! But a place like the market may be a little chaotic! I'm not going to the supermarket, but a big market a little further away. The ingredients there are the freshest!"

    "Thats not a problem. Lets go." Lu Tingxiao put down the newspaper and picked up a car key.

    And so Ning Xis solo trip became a three-man expedition with Little Bun and Big Bun.

    Underground garage.

    Looking at the row of shiny cars, Ning Xi swallowed her drool, especially when she saw her male god "Little White".

    Noticing Ning Xi staring at the white Bugatti sports-car, Lu Tingxiao asked her, "Shall we take this one?"

    Ning Xi came back to herself, and shook her head hurriedly. "Of course not! Were just going to the market, how can we drive a sports-car there? Do you have a more low-key car?"

    She glanced around the garage. There really wasnt any

    There was no way he could have any

    But Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Yes, I do."

    After that, he pressed some switch, and then a black car was delivered out from another partitioned area of the garage.

    It was a family car, priced at about five hundred thousand yuan, and it looked new.

    Ning Xi nodded repeatedly. "This ones great!"

    But why would Lu Tingxiao have a car that was so out of place here?

    Lu Tingxiao seemed to know what she was thinking, and explained, "This was prepared for you when you first came, but you never drove it."

    "Ah" It turned out to be the car that Lu Tingxiao had prepared for her in the beginning.

    Seeing the slightly lonely expression on Lu Tingxiaos face, Ning Xi felt as if she had made a huge mistake, so she hurried to explain, "Thats because I usually take the subway since its more convenient, and there's no traffic jam!"

    With these words, she quickly changed the subject. "Let's hurry, if were just a little late, the good stuff will have been snapped up by other people, and that will affect my performance!"