Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1829

    Chapter 1829: Fulfill Any Requests

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    Parker wiped off the sweat on his palms, then he gave a gentlemanly bow and extended his hand to Ning Xi. "Hello, Ms. Ning Xi!"

    Ning Xi extended her hand to connect. "Hello, Director Parker."

    Parker was extraordinarily excited when he saw Ning Xi's seemingly time-reversed face. "It's been a really long time, Ms. Ning! The last time I saw you was at a dinner. It's been a year! I didn't expect Ms. Ning to look much more beautiful in just a year's time!"

    Not taking into account the impact caused by Ning Xi's reappearance, just the title of "time-reversal" was enough to become her greatest selling point.

    In the history of advertising, many big brands were able to break records with the resurfacing of retired top celebrities. Moreover, Ning Xi had just retired not too long ago, so it would surely spark a lot of debate.

    If he never saw Ning Xi after a year, he would not be so sure about her winning the current trend, Han Zixuan, but after he saw her in person, he forgot all about his worries.

    Han Zixuan and Ning Xi were at different levels after all...

    Xu Tao was right. If he missed it this time, he would probably have blown his only chance at beating SS.

    He would need to do anything to collaborate with them this time!

    "Director Parker, you're exaggerating."

    "Not at all. I'm simply saying what I'm thinking!" Parker's expression looked oddly genuine. "I just didn't expect that you'd come back out of retirement, Ms. Ning. It's really a big surprise! If I knew about it beforehand, I would surely pay a visit instead of you coming here"

    He then looked at Xu Tao gratefully. "Mr. Xu, please forgive me if I've ever been rude to you before. Please sign the contract with us YLD, and of course, we'll discuss the price again. Just give me an offer. Even I'm able to handle such decisions!"

    Xu Tao grinned happily. "Haha, is that really alright? Don't you still have people waiting for you? It might not be good if people accuse us of snatching the contract away."

    Parker then said, "I'm supposed to meet Mr. Xu today. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Everyone in the company can bearwitness that I've been discussing the collaboration with Mr. Xu."

    Xu Tao was a little speechless. This foreigner was good

    "Alright, then let's talk about the details now!" Xu Tao let him off the hook.

    "No problem, please look through the contract. I'll make sure to fulfill any requests of yours and Ms. Ning's!"

    At the same time, in his office.

    Parker had told them he would be back shortly, but he just vanished. Cheng Yibin and Liu Xiaorou had waited for about half an hour and he was still not back yet.

    The impatient Cheng Yibin became annoyed. "What happened?! Where's he?"

    Xu Tao was a veteran manager in the industry, after all. He was the real deal after surviving in the entertainment industry for so many years. Could he have used a trick, so things were going his way?

    Liu Xiaorou looked at the door's direction. She believed that no matter how good Xu Tao was, he would not be able to change anything. She said casually, "He's probably being bothered by Xu Tao. You know how difficult it is to get Xu Tao off"

    Cheng Yibin looked impatient. "They should've just asked the security guards to chase out jerks like him. What's the point of talking so much to him and wasting our time!?"

    As Cheng Yibin was complaining, Parker's assistant came in.