Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1825

    Chapter 1825: Let's Go Get It Back

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    "Thanks, but I'm not interested in you!"

    When Xu Tao heard this, he instantly exploded, "Pfft! On what basis are you not interested in me?! Do you know how many pretty boys I wiped out back then with my mind-blowing looks? Do you know how many female artistes and male artistes wanted to sleep with me? Bloody hell! Now, all of them dare say that I was inappropriate with them, that I forced them to sleep with me? I wouldn't sleep with them even if they offered themselves to me!"

    Liang Feixing looked at his rotten uncle with disdain, then he buried his face in his hands speechlessly.

    "Pfft..." Ning Xi who stood on the side could not help but snicker out loud.

    When he suddenly heard a girl's gentle laugh in the house, it was as if Xu Tao, who was being all foul-mouthed, had his throat in a clutch. He instantly kept quiet.

    It was only now that he realized that there was still another person behind Liang Feixing.

    Ning Xi controlled her laughter, then she took her sunglasses off and looked at the man who was lying among the junk. She softly said, "Bro Tao."

    Xu Tao was still stunned.

    "Director Liang didn't lie to you. I do want to hire you to be my manager," continued Ning Xi.

    "B-Bloody hell! Liang Feixing f*ck you!"

    Moments later, Xu Tao uttered an earth-shattering curse in rage and abruptly stood up. All the things around him fell all over the ground.

    The man did not care much. Like a spinny top, he quickly found the only clean chair amidst the mess and then used a bed sheet to wipe it before he brought it to Ning Xi. "Sit... Goddess Xi, quickly sit! I'm sorry that the house is terribly messy!"

    Then, he pulled Liang Feixing, who was standing relaxed on the side and enjoying the show, to a corner. "Damn you! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

    Liang Feixing smirked. "If I had told you earlier, how would I have gotten the chance for Beauty Xu to offer himself to me?!"

    "Get lost!" Xu Tao scolded the man as he kicked him. When he turned to Ning Xi, he immediately switched to flattery. "I... I'm not dreaming, am I?! Movie queen Ning, you've really returned and you're ready to make a comeback?"

    "Yes, I do have such plans."

    "But... Why me? Are you sure you want me to be your manager?" Xu Tao was a little awkward as he looked at his own sorry state.

    Damn Liang Feixing! Had he told him earlier, then he would not have left such a terrible impression to the goddess.

    Liang Feixing seemed to have guessed what he was thinking. His arms were crossed as he raised his brows. "Don't mutter to yourself now. Do you think Ning Xi doesn't know how sorry you are right now? Your rotten uncle pictures have long spread all over!"

    "Bro Tao, you're the person who understands the company's state most right now. I think you're the most suitable candidate. Besides, I also admire the loyalty that Bro Tao has held fast up till today," said Ning Xi.

    When Xu Tao heard her assessment, he was astonished and tears started to well up in his eyes.

    "If Bro Tao thinks it's okay, we can already start to arrange the work right now. Is there anything I need to do now?"

    Xu Tao's confused and stunned gaze instantly turned sharp as he finally realized that Ning Xi was serious, He finally realized that all of this was real and that he was not dreaming.

    He had really managed to wait for the chance to make a comeback...

    Xu Tao wiped his face and quickly dug out a stack of materials from a drawer, speaking very quickly, "This is YLD's skincare product advertisement. I managed to get it for Liu Xiaorou after chasing for a month. In the end, it became Starlight's credit after they stole her... They're signing the contract this morning! Even the time was set by me back then!"

    Ning Xi nodded as she stood up determinedly. "Then, let's go. Let's go and get it all back from this advert onwards."