Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1821

    Chapter 1821: Fight For Love

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    "Can't sleep?" The man's voice came from behind her.

    Ning Xi turned away from the computer screen and looked at Lu Tingxiao. She seemed distracted. "Mmm"

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at the videos and search logs on the screen, then he tousled the girl's silky hair with his broad palms. "I told you I'll support you no matter what decision you make."

    Ning Xi turned around and rubbed her head against the man's body, remaining silent for a long time.

    After some time, the girl's eyes became more and more determined. "Lu Tingxiao, I want to go back."


    Jiang Muye had done it for her this time, so she could not just leave him be.

    Similar to Jiang Muye, there was also Keer and many others that she might not know about, including the fans that had been supporting her all this time.

    If her first debut was meant to fulfill her dreams, this time would be for the people supporting her from behind.

    After deciding that she wanted to help Lu Tingxiao's nephew now, Ning Xi spent sometime recovering. At the same time, she caught up with what had happened to the entertainment industry in the past year.

    After she finished scrolling through the old news, Ning Xi was sitting on a rattan chair in the garden and was looking through the recent entertainment news.

    Ning Xi's eyes stopped scanning when she saw a familiar name in the corner.

    Xu Tao

    In the picture, Glory World Entertainment's most experienced top manager was dressed in a messy outfit to buy himself some alcohol. Then, he got into an argument with one of the female artistehe previously handled. To make things worse, he was publicly slapped and humiliated by her assistant.

    The news was obviously inclined towards the female artiste as sarcasm was embedded all over the article, indicating that Xu Tao was bullying his artistes and that this was karma for him.

    Ning Xi frowned when she was reading the article.

    Xu Tao had always kept up a good reputation in the industry. After things kept getting messy, he had held Glory World up. He even sold his property and he would never do something so unprofessional.

    Well, it was not unusual for this to happen.

    The artistes he raised were scouted by Starlight. Afraid of being labeled as being ungrateful, they wanted a proper excuse for them to betray the company, which was why they framed him.

    Ning Xi had asked Lu Tingxiao to check on Sis Zhizhi. Her family members did not seem to be in the best of health and she had been busy caring for them.

    Sis Zhizhi had put in so much effort to bring her to that position and she did not want to burden her again.

    Ning Xi was bothered about who she should get to be her manager this time

    "Xu Tao" Ning Xi gently pointed at the name on the paper with a thoughtful expression.

    Somewhere nearby.

    "Boss, you... What did you call me here for?"

    Liang Feixing never expected that he would be summoned by the Big Boss one day.

    He had been guessing why the boss had called him, but he did not dare to ask much, so he just followed the man behindanxiously.

    A while later, after he followed the man, going through layers of foliage and leaves, he vaguely saw a woman on a rattan chair nearby. However, the woman's face was obscured in the shadows, so he could not see well.

    A suspicion formed in his mind. Liang Feixing looked doubtful, but soon he thought it was impossible.

    At this moment, the woman stood up. That bright face of hers that could put the afternoon sun to shame slowly appeared before him

    "Director Liang, long time no see."