Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1819

    Chapter 1819: Continue To Live Well

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    Zhuang Rongguang instantly pouted unhappily. "I don't want to! I still haven't acknowledged him as my brother-in-law! Sis, what do you think about my bro, Lin Qian? He's so young and is already a colonel! Previously, it was he who was responsible for sending you over to the military sanatorium. He was responsible for your safety. Even if you don't trust my judgment, you should at least trust my father's judgement! He's my father's trusted aide, the legendary child from another family, the one who Father usually compares me to..."

    On the side, when Lu Tingxiao saw that Zhuang Rongguang was tempting Ning Xi away right in front of him, he did not say anything. He just took out a gun and shot at the target in front, hitting the bull's eye.

    The instant Zhuang Rongguang saw the gun in Lu Tingxiao's hand, it was like he had seen his dream lover. He suddenly leaped over. "Oh! A H. Fox! Brother-in-law! Cousin-in-law! Let me touch it! We're family! You definitely wouldn't be so petty, would you?"

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    The condescending Little Treasure was inarticulate too.

    Ning Xi laughed for a while before she turned to Zhuang Keer who had not said any anything. She clung to her arm and sat down beside the wooden table under the flower rack nearby.

    The girl did not say anything. She just gave Zhuang Keer a huge, huge hug.

    She knew that for the current version of Zhuang Keer, this was the best way to reunite.

    Under the Japanese roses that swayed in the breeze, the two girls hugged each other in silence, creating a picturesque oil painting.

    Zhuang Keer's body trembled slightly. Only until Ning Xi's body warmth crept through the hug did she feel that this was real. Her voice choked on her sobs. "I just knew... I just knew... that you'd definitely wake up..."

    "Of course, I can't bear to let you worry about me, Sis Keer!"

    Zhuang Keer only calmed down her stirred up emotions after a while. She let go of Ning Xi and said with a gentle expression, "No wonder we hit it off so well. Who would've thought that you're actually my biological cousin?"

    Ning Xi laughed. "Fate is indeed miraculous!"

    "Xiao Xi, you... did you know much earlier? About our families' relationship?" Zhuang Keer asked.

    "I heard a little from Zhuang Lingyu's side before..."

    "Then, why did you never mention it?" Zhuang Keer frowned.

    Ning Xi smiled. "Because it's the same whether I mention it or not. Whatever it is, we're good sisters!"

    Zhuang Keer's heart was warmed and she instantly nodded. "Mmm, you're right!"

    Suddenly, Zhuang Keer's expression darkened. "Xiao Xi, I'm sorry..."

    "Why are you suddenly apologizing?!" Ning Xi said.

    Zhuang Keer lowered her head. "I didn't handle your fan club well... Ever since you fell into a coma...those who left, just left... and those who dispersed, just dispersed..."

    Ning Xi quickly comforted her, "That's inevitable. After all, I've vanished for so long."

    Zhuang Keer sighed with a desolate expression, "At the start, everyone was holding on. We were holding on and waiting for your return. No matter what happened, there was still a group of people who never wavered...

    "Until Han Zixuan's appearance, they had secretly infiltrated our internal team and even bribed the higher management of our fans. They created all sorts of rumors while I wasn't around, swaying the will of the people, causing our side to be a mess, then slowlyeveryone outside couldn't hold on any longer too...

    "Plus, Han Zixuan's style is remarkably similar to yours and Yi Xudong promoted her heavily. Suddenly, they snatched away a huge bunch of our fans..."

    As Ning Xi listened to Zhuang Keer, even though it was just a few words, she could feel howthe commotion had been like back then, and the scenes of Zhuang Keer's powerlessness while she still held on firmly. Even though she did not personally experience all those scenes of them battling for her, she could feel the shock of it rising in her heart...

    Zhuang Keer finished and took a deep breath before she looked at Ning Xi and suddenly beamed happily. "But everything's in the past now! You've woken up. For the people who truly like you and care about you, as long as you're happy, contented, and healthy, then all is good. As long as you continue to live well even if it's in a place that they cannot see..."