Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1818

Chapter 1818: The Nourishment of Love

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"Yes, yes, yes, I understand how you feel, but you can't keep destroying your own body. Don't keep drinking so much! You should rest properly. Start over again. With your capabilities, you can definitely make a comeback!" Lei Ming already had no time to care for himself, but he was still working hard to comfort this big brother before him.

Xu Tao scoffed under his breath, then he muttered, "Start over again? Do you think it's so easy to start over again? I already can't stand to start over again, Lei Ming...

"Do you think that everyone's Ning Xi? In this entertainment industry, reliable young successors only appear once every three or five years. Someone like Ning Xi won't even appear again in a hundred years...

"With the company in such a state, how would I start over again? Lei Ming, I'm tired... I'm really tired..."

Lei Ming did not say anything as he did not know how to respond.

Liang Feixing sighed. His face was covered in gloom too. Now, the company was only left with the few of the older ones; the tea cools down as soon as the person is gone [1]. While things remained the same, people had changed. After all the excitement, only the ruined was left. The entertainmentempire that belonged to them, the world that belonged to them was now gradually moving further and further away from them...

Xu Tao fell to the ground in a daze. Through the huge glass window, he could see the setting sun far away. "The Glory World today can't make it past half a year... If... if Ning Xi didn't retire back then... If only Ning Xi could return... Huh... No way..."


In Deer Town.

Under the big bun and little bun's meticulous care, Ning Xi recovered very quickly.

When Annie came over to check up on her, she was also surprised by the speed of her recovery.

Ning Xi simply credited it to "the nourishment of love".


After three days of adapting, Ning Xi could finally accurately hit the bullseye target again.

At the start, not feeling as strong as she wished made her feel terrible, especially when she saw that she could not even hit the sixth and seventh ring. Thankfully, Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure had accompanied her. They distracted her and helped her slowly adapt.

In the end, she realized that the feeling of regaining this strength of hers felt pretty good.

Hey, I am indeed still so awesome!

Ning Xi was practicing her shooting when not too far away, there was suddenly reverberating cries of alarm from a young man. "Oh! Sis Xi, Sis Xi, Sis Xi! You're really awake!"

"Rongguang... Keer..."

When she saw who had come, Ning Xi instantly looked pleasantly surprised. "Why are you guys here?"

Zhuang Rongguang rushed over like an arrow and then did an emergency brake. He shot Lu Tingxiao a look and said with hate, "I wanted to come much earlier! It's this guy who keeps hiding you away. He even mentioned that he was politely refusing the disturbance of guests, that's why we could only come to see you now! Sis Xi, you're seriously too awesome! You were in a vegetative state, but you actually woke up! I just knew that you're a person who'll do great things, Sis Xi!"

Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry at Zhuang Rongguang's words. "You'lldo great things. I heard you're doing pretty good in the army. You came in first for the martial arts tournament?"

"Hahaha... Nah! So-so only!" The young man scratched his head. Although his response was humble, his tail had long risen all the way up to the sky.

The young man noticed that there were still a few more guns in Ning Xi's hands. His eyes instantly lit up like light bulbs. "Hey, damn! Gold Walter, Colt Revolver... That's sick, too sick! I've only seen them in pictures! Bloody hell, these are all antique guns of the legends, aren't they?!"

"Sis! Sis, sis, sis! Can I try?" The young man was about to drool.

Ning Xi smiled faintly and looked at the young man. "Then, you'll have to ask your brother-in-law."