Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1817

Chapter 1817: Like My Wife Ran Away

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Lei Ming was unlike Liang Feixing. Although he was big-sized, he had a delicate personality and would not utter back a word even after getting scolded. He just sat there quietly.

"Useless thing, you're keeping quiet after things have gone wrong! You're even worse than a woman" As Yi Xudong was saying more and more harsh words, the office door was pushed open suddenly. A drunk middle-aged man came tumbling in.

The man had a bottle of alcohol in his hand, while his outfit was messy and reeked of alcohol. He spoke to Yi Xudong, "CEO Yi, you... are you looking for me?"

Yi Xudong's expression soured when he saw the person who came in. "Xu Tao! Look at yourself! Let me ask you what happened to the few female artistes under you? You spent a long time bringing them up, but why are they all quitting all of a sudden?! And I only found out about it after I received the letters from the lawyers!"

"Ran away... ran away... Damn it... haha... I don't even put in that much effort taking care of my daughter... I'm treating them like my own children, my princesses

"I drank until my stomach has internal bleeding just to get them an advertisement... I've never made them drink before

"In the end, they were scouted away and they're telling people that I harassed them sexually, that I'm making them doing stuff they are unwilling to... and I'm torturing them... bullying them... hahaha... I'm torturing them" Xu Tao kept on rambling as he continued drinking.

Yi Xudong was really furious at him. "That's because you're trash! Useless! You can't even manage a few girls!"

Xu Tao's eyes suddenly turned cold and he sneered, "Yi Xudong, don't you dare yell at me! When I was at the top of the industry as the best manager, you were still in your mother's arms!

"Second Master scouted me to come here! When I was with Second Master enjoying life, regardless of which artiste, even the big shots would rather be polite to me. Even an idiot like you would have to call me Bro Tao! Ask your conscience who the hell is it for that I've fallen into such a state?!"

Xu Tao then smashed his bottle, scattering broken pieces all over the ground.

Liang Feixing frowned and went over to him. "That's enough, Xu."

Lei Ming went over to hold him back as well. "Let's go."

They both knew that in the whole of this company, the most bitter person was Xu Tao.

When he was at his peak, Zheng Anru had just been a little assistant under him.

When Han Zixuan and her manager Zheng Anru took away most of the opportunities together with a big batch of new artistes, and after Ling Zhizhi left as well, Xu Tao held the fort on his own. He started looking for partnerships everywhere, getting his resources backpersistently. He forced himself to bring up more and more artistes under the tough environment created by Starlight Entertainment. Because he had been perceived as a significant obstacle by Starlight Entertainment and Zheng Anru,he encountered trouble before.

There was once when he had been beaten up by a bunch of thugs in an alley and ended up in the hospital for about a month

A strong, iron-willed man had finally broken down after the two artistes he groomed suddenly left him without any pretense at all

"Liang, Lei Ming, do you know how the heck I'm feeling right now?" Xu Tao punched his chest savagely. "It feels like my damned wife ran away with someone else"