Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1815

    Chapter 1815: My Dear Sister-in-law

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    The poor bunny was thrown on the floor just as it was still enjoying being caressed just a moment ago. It looked stunned beside the white-haired man's feet.

    Ning Xi just remained stationary as if she had just seen a ghost in the middle of the day.

    " you" Ning Xi stuttered and was not able to get her words out.

    It was really terrifying to see this guy unexpectedly!

    The man was playing with a rose with dew on its petals as he said in a complaining tone, "What about me? Do you want to cast me away after taking my dowry, my dear... Sister-in-law?"


    Ning Xi was shocked. "You... Don't mess around! What 'Sister-in-law'?"

    "Am I mistaken?" The man raised his eyebrows as he held the rose in his hand like he was a nimble, little elf.

    "Uhh" Ning Xi was not able to give him a comeback. Did this guy know she was married to Lu Tingxiao?

    "Then, what do you mean by the dowry? Since when did I receive anydowry from you?" Ning Xi continued feigning ignorance.

    The man did not answer. He studied the bunny beside his feet with interest, then he bent over and picked it up in front of Ning Xi's anxious gaze. His fair fingers were running through the rabbit's gentle fur. "Tsk, how fat."

    Ning Xi's expression darkened. "So what? It doesn't eat your carrots!"

    The man looked at her in amusement. "You look energetic now. You seem fine."

    Ning Xi's expression softened when he said that. So, this guy was just concerned about her?"That's right! I have heavy attack points and high defense! Thanks to your suppression back then!"

    Could he just appear normally?! She had almost fallen back into a coma again!

    She had been having complicated feelings towards Yun Shen.

    One of her most concerned matters was about Yun Shen and Qiao Yi. She then found out Yun Shen and Qiao Yi had turned their backs against each other. After that, Lu Tingxiao caught Qiao Yi, but he was rescued by someone and was nowhere to be found up until now as he had never appeared again.

    Qiao Yi's matter aside, Yun Shen was supposed to be at war with Lu Tingxiao; their powers were on par with each other.

    However, in the span of a whole year, the two parties were able to maintain an odd balance and it had never broken down.

    Under the rosebuds, the man smiled. It was not a cold smile, a half-hearted smile, or an empty smile. It was... a smile she had never seen before. A really warm smile

    As Ning Xi's thoughts were straying, the man turned around. "I'm leaving."

    "Ah" Was he going to leave like this?

    After scaring her?

    Ning Xi suddenly realized she still had something with him, so she yelled out, "Hey, my bunny!"

    The man turned around and Ning Xi went over to take the bunny from him.

    Thank me, you little one! If not, this scary guy would surely eat you up.

    Ning Xi saw a fluffy, white ball hanging outside of the man's pocket, seeming very creepy. She asked, "The thing in your pocket... What is it?"

    The man looked down and took out his phone. "This?"

    Ning Xi then saw that the white ball of fluff was a phone accessory.

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "What the heck? You're using this as a phone accessory?"

    Why did she feel like this little white ball was so familiar?

    She could not recall where she had seen it before

    The man raised his eyebrows and pinched the white ball. "Is it cute?"

    Ning Xi coughed, "Well, it's pretty cute... but it doesn't suit you!"

    The man suddenly thought of something and his expression went blank for a moment. He then mumbled, "Really? Doesn't suit me... I see"

    Ning Xi was not sure what to say. She just thought that the man's expression at the moment was weird.

    Yun Shen then left without saying a word.

    As he walked away, his silhouette of this man, who was indifferent towards anything, gave off a vibe of loneliness