Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1814

    Chapter 1814: So Frightened That The Bunny Was Tossed Away

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    Indeed, when Ning Xi video called Ning Tianxin, Ning Tianxin said she was already preparing to apply for long leave to return to the country.

    Although she trusted Lu Tingxiao, she had always suppressed the suspicions in her heart, but after so long had passed, no matter what she had to personally see Xiao Xi before she felt assured.

    "Sis Tianxin, I'm fine. I'm leaping and frisking about! I'll leap for you to see right now asa matter of fact!" Ning Xi said as she started bounding about while holding the phone.

    "Good that you're fine... good that you're fine..." Ning Tianxin was considerate as she did not probe further. She was just assured to see her doing well.

    "Sis Tianxin, what about you? How are you recently? Why do you look a little frazzled?" Ning Xi asked with concern.

    Ning Tianxin sighed softly, "It's not too huge of an issue. It's already been resolved."

    "Did Ning Yaobang annoy you again? That guy's never-ending. Why hasn't he given up yet!?" Ning Xi frowned.

    Ning Tianxin said helplessly, "Do you know about the Ning family's situation right now?"

    Ning Xi muttered, "I roughly understand it a little."

    On the other end of the phone, Ning Tianxin chose her words carefully before she said, "I don't know what methods Ning Xueluo used, but my father actually gave all 6 percent of his shares to her, so now Ning Xueluo has a total of 21 percent of shares. That's even more than Aunty Qiutong's shares, therefore Ning Xueluo is now basically single-handedly dominating the company.

    "Furthermore, my father sees that forcing me to get married won't work, so he wants to steal my 10 percent of shares..."

    "Shoot! Don't give it to him! These shares are for you and your mother to settle down and carry on with your pursuits!" Ning Xi quickly insisted.

    "I know, I definitely won't hand it to him. My studies have already ended here and I've also moved to a new place, so he probably won't find us again."

    Ning Xi nodded. "You be careful yourself. Are you still in touch with that Qin Mufeng?"

    "Yes, Doctor Qin has helped me a lot."

    "That's good then. If you have any problems, just go look for him. Don't be courteous. I'll help you keep watch from here in the country too. If there's anything urgent, you must contact me."

    "Okay, I got it. You take care of yourself too."


    After Ning Xi finished her call, the man stroked the girl's hair. "Now, are you satisfied?"

    Ning Xi nodded. "Mmm, not worried now!"

    "Go play outside for a while. Little Treasure and I will cook for you."

    "Ah? I should go and help too!" Ning Xi pulled on the man's hand.

    "No can do! The kitchen is oily and smoky." The man looked sternly at her. There was no room for any leeway.

    "Mmm, okay!"

    Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure went to cook in the kitchen. The two buns both thought that it was not beneficial for the body as there were oil and smoke in the kitchen. Then, they made her wait for her meal outside.

    Thus, Ning Xi carried the chubby bunny and strolled around the little garden.

    Gong Shangze had recovered, she had contacted Sis Tianxin... She had finally gotten a few loads off her mind...

    Now, by coordinating with the ointment that Annie had prescribed earlier, her body had recovered at a swift pace. She would probably be healed in no time.

    Lu Tingxiao saw that she was incredibly bored in this period of time, so he had even arranged for a small shooting range on the side for her to satisfy her for a while. The entire thing would probably be set up by the afternoon.

    Ning Xi carried the bunny and leisurely walked around as her thoughts trailed off, thinking about some trivial matters. She seemed very contented to the extent that when she took a detour around the curtain of flowers and suddenly saw a white-haired man amidst the rack of Japanese roses, she was so frightened that she immediately tossed the bunny in her arms away!