Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1813

    Chapter 1813: My Wife Talks Sense

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    In a little house in the garden.

    After Gong Shangze left, Ning Xi thought about how her disappearance had made so many people worried. She pondered for a long time and decided that there were some people who needed to be informed about her situation.

    Gong Shangze would explain it to her company for her before she personally went over after a period of time. Besides that, she also had to think about... Sis Tianxin...

    "Darling, how did you explain to Sis Tianxin back then?" Ning Xi asked.

    "I was afraid that she would worry, so I said that you've gone to study abroad in seclusion. I've also been using your phone to keep in touch with her," answered Lu Tingxiao.

    "Has she never suspected?"

    "She has."

    "Mmm, indeed. Knowing Sis Tianxin's meticulous mind, she probably would've long suspected... I'd better explain the situation to Ning Tianxin to avoid her fretting about me."

    When Lu Tingxiao heard this, he frowned and said, "I'd suggest that the fewer people know about this, the better."

    Ning Xi muttered, "But Sis Tianxin doesn't even know anything. She must be very worried as she keeps guessing things by herself. I don't want to let similar situations like Ah Ze's happen!"

    Lu Tingxiao pinched his glabella and did not say anything.

    When Ning Xi saw that his odd expression, she probed, "When I was in acoma, did any other thing happen? Almost everyone has been mentioned, but... you seemed to have left Xiao Tao out. Where's Xiao Tao? Sis Zhizhi resigned, then what about her? Has she left the company too?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Yes, she left the company."

    Ning Xi looked solemn, then she asked again, "Did something happen to Xiao Tao?"

    When Lu Tingxiao saw Ning Xi's expression, he knew that she must have somewhat suspected something, so he revealed to her, "Yes, back then when you were in that final scene for 'Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad', Xiao Tao was the one who switched the gun for a real one."

    Ning Xi suddenly fell silent when she heard the truth.

    No wonder Lu Tingxiao was always so careful and even put up his guard against everyone...

    It was not sure how long had passed before Ning Xi finally said, "Actually, I had thought about that back then too, but it was just a speculation. I never would've thought that it would really be Xiao Tao... Was she threatened by someone?"

    Lu Tingxiao confirmed, "Someone used her younger brother who was studying abroad to threaten her."

    Ning Xi said, "Is that so? Then, how's her brother right now?"

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "You've retired for a year. There was no news from the other side too, and her brother's fine."

    Ning Xi was then relieved. "Did you find out who did it?"

    "It was a bunch of influential gangsters in Los Angeles. They only started to expand in the past two years, and their internal ops are very messy. Their motives are temporarily unclear, but I've already assigned people to watch them," answered Lu Tingxiao.

    Ning Xi nodded, then she looked slightly terrified.

    Lu Tingxiao watched the girl's desolate expression and reached out to pull her into his embrace. "Don't be sad."

    "I'm fine..."

    Even though in the end, the person who had betrayed her was proven to be Xiao Tao, she still did not regret the trust she had given her back then.

    Ning Xi took a deep breath and very soon, she was alright again. "Even though they say 'once bitten twice shy', I can't just reject all the wonderful things because of a single experience. Look at us! Aren't we the best example? So, I still must tell Sis Tianxin!"

    As Lu Tingxiao watched the girl's little face shine brightly, unaffected nor invaded by gloominess, his expression was gentle. "Mmm, my wife talks sense."

    Ning Xi was instantly pleased by the flattery. "Right, right!"