Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1812

    Chapter 1812: The Boss Is Back!

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    "Eh? Ah Ze! You're awake! There's millet porridge in the kitchen. Quickly go have some! Do you know you've slept for three days?" When Ning Xi noticed Gong Shangze who was close by, she quickly walked over.

    "Thank you, Boss. I'm good, it's fine!"

    The young man was an entirely different person from the person he was three days ago. Even though he still looked slovenly dressed, he gave off an entirely different vibe right now.

    Ning Xi was slightly relieved and she smiled. "See, I told you I wouldn't lie to you! Isn't this place great? Do you have any new inspiration?"

    The young man watched this girl before him who was dressed casually in house clothes and appeared entirely different from the way she always looked in splendor as he recalled. He then nodded. "Mmm."

    Ning Xi was pleasantly surprised. "Haha, really?! So soon? Then, you must stay for a few more days!"

    Gong Shangze smiled back and said tenderly, "Thank you, Boss, but there's no need. I'm fine already, I'm going to return to the studio later to avoid everyone worrying about me. In fact, I've already lay wasted for too long. Now, every second is very important!"

    Ning Xi noticed the way Gong Shangze recovered his fighting spirit and naturally felt glad in her heart. "That's fine too. Finish your breakfast before leaving. When you go back, help me explain to Momo and Sis Weilan too!"


    "Right, remember to go to the guest room upstairs and change your clothes. Oh, and comb your hair too."



    At Spirit studio.

    Han Momo stared at the empty and messy design studio as her face was clouded with worry and gloom. "Mr. Lu said that Director Gong went to his place, but it's already been three days. Why hasn't Director Gong returned? He wouldn't have really resigned and then ditched the company, would he?"

    "Don't assume." On the sofa, Qiao Weilan held her tilted head in her hands, her face covered in fatigue too.

    She was in marketing and sales after all, so her mental strength was obviously stronger than others, but Ning Xi was the core of the company. Her sudden disappearance had more or less affected her quite a bit. Now that the company was already not in an optimistic situation, she could only force herself to hold things up in between the cracks.

    This time, the international fashion week would be their only chance of turning the tables. If they failed again, she was afraid that the company would really collapse for good.

    And with Gong Shangze's current state, there was practically zero odds of success for them at the international fashion week...

    Han Momo sighed. Qiao Weilan's train of thought was all over.

    They waited this way for a long time when the familiar sound of footsteps padded up to the door. Han Momo and Qiao Weilan subconsciously looked over to the direction of the door.

    With the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, a slender and fair hand pushed open the door...

    The instant they saw the young man who had suddenly appeared, Han Momo covered her mouth. She immediately exclaimed, "Gong... Director Gong..."

    Oh, my! How long had she not seen her dashing and yummy, beautiful director? She practically felt like she was dreaming!

    Qiao Weilan was also stunned when she saw Gong Shangze who seemed fresh and cool from head to toe while his expression was energetic.

    When he saw the two of them, Gong Shangze did not pause for a second as he immediately ordered, "Momo, immediately prepare a pen and paper for me! Call all the couture masters over too!"

    "Oh,oh, oh..." Han Momo subconsciously nodded and started to look for tools for him as she stared at Gong Shangze blankly. "Director Gong, what triggered you?"

    Han Momo suddenly looked alarmed. "Uhh, Director Gong! You wouldn't have taken drugs, would you?!"

    Many designers would take drugs to find their so-called "inspiration". As for Gong Shangze, forget about drugs; he would not even touch cigarettes and alcohol. He was probably a rarity in the design industry.

    "I didn't." Gong Shangze swiftly picked up his pen and paper and started to draft designs as he said without even looking up.

    "Then, what's going on?" Han Momo was utterly confused whilst Qiao Weilan was puzzled too.

    In just a few strokes,Gong Shangze had already sketched out lively lines that looked natural and smooth, then he wrote down a few words for the theme on those first drafts. He looked up at Qiao Weilan and Han Momo as he answered, "My muse... She has returned..."

    Han Momo and Qiao Weilan exchanged a glance. Suddenly, they revealed expressions of disbelief. They looked blankly at the young man who seemed to have been reincarnated. "Your... your muse? You mean... The Boss is back?!"