Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 181

    Chapter 181: I Have Never Regretted It

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    Ning Xueluo glanced over the most recent news on her cellphone, and only when she saw a screen full of titles like "Ning Xi talks arrogantly after obtaining a sponsor"; "Ning Xi suspected of becoming a mistress"; "Ning Xi refuses to admit her crime and shows no remorse", did she relax: "Good, make sure public opinion doesnt change, and definitely no more setbacks after this!"

    Just as she finished saying so, someone knocked on the door.

    Ning Xueluo immediately looked at Chang Li nervously.

    Chang Li hurriedly tidied up the pieces of the broken lamp and covered the TV with a cloth before opening the door.

    Outside the door, Su Yan was a little surprised to see Chang Li in Ning Xueluos ward at this time. "Were you discussing something?"

    "I had some work matters to discuss with Sister Chang, weve just finished. Brother Yan, why are you here so late?" Ning Xueluo changed the topic.

    "Then you guys talk, Im leaving first!" Chang Li took her leave, giving Ning Xueluo one last look before she left.

    Su Yan didn't notice the exchange between the two. He was frowning a little, and looked a bit down.

    Seeing him like this, Ning Xueluo probed, "Does this have to do with Ning Xi?"

    Su Yan didn't say anything.

    Ning Xueluo bit her lip, and her body quivered slightly. "Brother Yan, are you blaming me? For pushing Ning Xi to this point?"

    Su Yan sighed. "You, why does your imagination always run wild, this whole thing is her fault, how can I blame you? I just blame myself for not settling everything before now, and making her go this far"

    "I also never expected that she would rather sell her own body than apologize to me why does she hate me this much? What on earth can I do to pacify her? Is leaving you really the only way?" Ning Xueluos face was full of pain.

    Su Yans face changed instantly, and he said in a harsh tone, "Xueluo, youre not allowed to say this, we've been through so much to be together, dont tell me you want to give up over such a small thing?"

    Ning Xueluo hurriedly snuggled into his arms, her expression scared. "Im sorry, I wont say it again, Im just afraid that youll regret it, regret being with me"

    Su Yan stared at her blankly before saying firmly, "I have never regretted it."

    As the two of them were talking, there was yet another knock on the door.

    Su Yan went to open the door, and was surprised to see Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu. "Uncle, Auntie"

    "Dad, Mum why are you here?" Ning Xueluo was surprised, and was about to hurriedly get off the bed to greet them.

    Zhuang Lingyu pressed down on her shoulders. "Dont move around, youre still injured, be good and lie back down. Its nothing, we just wanted to see you!"

    Ning Yaohuas face was dark: "Xueluo, don't worry, I came here to tell you that I will find justice for you, even if I have to tie her up and drag her here to apologize to you!"

    Ning Xueluos eyes welled up with tears. "Thank you, Dad and Mum, actually Im alright, I just hope Sister realizes her errors and mend her ways; as she is right now, her whole life will be ruined!"

    Zhuang Lingyus face was especially unsightly. "I never expected she would actually do such a dishonorable thing. What crimes have our Ning family committed to deserve this! If I had known earlier, I would never have brought her back. Having Xueluo is enough for us, but your grandfather wouldnt listen, now look at what has happened"

    Ning Yaohua became anxious. "Enough, stop prattling on, Ill deal with this. Also, don't let the old man know about this!"

    Now was the crucial period in his fight with his younger brother to claim the right of inheritance.