Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1808

    Chapter 1808: History Was Written By The Victors

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    After it ended, everyone went home separately.

    A Bentley had stopped steadily at the entrance of the bar. Ning Xueluo waved goodbye to everyone, then got into the car under everyone's envious and worshipping gazes.

    After Ning Xueluo got into the car, she leaned over to the man in the driver's seat and kissed his lips. "I'm exhausting you, Bro Yan. It's already so late, yet you still picked me up! Our sales figures came first again this session, so I brought everyone over for some fun!"

    "The person who's exhausted is you. Don't get so busy till you fall ill."

    "I won't! Work's not exhausting at all!"

    Su Yan rubbed the top of the girl's head gently, then he started the engine.

    Ning Xueluo took a peek at the man beside her. She pretended to nonchalantly say, "Bro Yan, 'The World' is going to be remade. Did you know that?"

    Su Yan nodded. "I heard a bit about it."

    "Previously, the drama crew even invited me over to join the promotions and stuff. They said they wanted to invite all of the original cast and the new cast together to do a promotional stint, but I said that I've already quit the entertainment industry, so I was still considering whether I should go!"

    Su Yan did not say anything for a moment, then Ning Xueluo realized that he was lost in his thoughts. "This time, Sister's character, Meng Changge... is portrayed by our company's Han Zixuan. She's a pretty talented girl and is full of potential. She's progressing very quickly, plus the company has also been largely promoting her..."

    When she said this, Ning Xueluo changed the topic suddenly. "I wonder where Sister has gone for this past one year. She can't be contacted at all. There isn't even any news about her. All the people around her don't know where she went either. No matter what the situation is, she should at least let the family know. Now, so many people are worried about her! Many people even like creating drama and created rumors about how she's retired because she was taken in as a mistress..."

    Su Yan pinched the space between his brows. He did not look very pleased. "Xiao Xi definitely has her reasons."

    Ning Xueluo nodded. She looked concerned as she comforted, "I trust Sister too. I'm just worried that something's happened to her... I hope that there'll be news about Sister soon..."

    When Ning Xi had just gone missing, she had indeed become worried for a very long time. Secretly, she had been searching for traces of her, but after three months, then half a year, and until now, a whole year had passed, but no matter how the outside world had continued turning on its axis, Ning Xi still did not appear...

    Finally, she had stopped looking for her too.

    Now, Ning International was hers, while History was standing steadily on its feet. With Su Yan's help, she had invested in Starlight and Han Zixuan had completely replaced Ning Xi's position in the entertainment industry.

    Right now, even if Ning Xi returned, she would just be a useless person, an outdated female star. She would even be inferior to a rookie. What could she possibly bring to compete with her?

    As for the Su family, previously Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang, who had been picking on her, were now worshipping her like a master too. That damned Su Xun and Zhao Shanshan would even avoid her when they saw her.

    Only Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu's side seemed to be somewhat odd recently. When she was done being busy, she probably needed to assign people to watch them, but now, all of the Ning family was within her grasp. She had even gotten Ning Yaobang's shares and Ning Qiutong could not do anything to her. Knowing them, they would not be able to cause any ruckus.

    Hah, at the start if she had really stupidly followed those hillbillies, she would probably just be a village woman now. How would she be able to enjoy everything she had now?

    Family background was a wide gap that a person could never move past.

    If it had not been because she was the lady of the Ning family, how could she have smoothly entered the entertainment industry? How could she have matched up to Su Yan, and how could she have obtained everything she had today?

    Wait till "The World"'s promotional activities launched! She could even use this opportunity to make a comeback, washing away all the past shame.

    As the saying went, history was written by the victors!