Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807: Still His Turf In The End

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At the same time, at Eaton Bar.

Inside the VIP room, drinks were exchanged and raucous voices loudly chatted all around.

"Come, come! Let us all drink a toast to our designer, David!"


"Cheers! The last season's sales were once again championed by History! Director David's contributions can't go unnoticed!"

"Before this, Spirit completely copied our style. They actually even attempted to steal our market share in vain. Our Director David probably had to teach them how to conduct themselves, hahaha!"


The room was filled with sounds of praises and David was red from drinking. He beamed as he said to the group of colleagues, "I've said that in this profession as a designer, it's not to see who travels the fastest, but to see who can travel the furthest!"

"Director David speaks words of wisdom! I'm going to write this down. It's best to let those rookies, who overestimate their abilities, see how a real designer is like!"

"That alphabet named guy... whatever genius designer he is... He showed parts of him and pretended to be mysterious, but after all of that, he just ended up being a short-lived dabbler. He's only crossed swords for a few battles and he's alreadybeen defeated by Boss David that he daren't even leave his house!"

"Hahaha, Spirit hasn't even released new designs for half a year! I think they're not too far away from closing down!"


David was elated by all the compliments, but at least, he was not over his head. He turned to flatter the woman in the middle of the sofa. "I'm only responsible for splendid designing, but our company is only here today because of our Miss Ning's brilliant leadership!"

When others heard him, they all quickly started to brown nose Ning Xueluo too.

"Our Boss is now not only the Finance Director of Ning International, and the Vice General Manager of Starlight Entertainment; it's not too much to call her a woman Zhuge!"

"Say, in the entire Imperial, is there any lady or madam that can compare to our Boss?"

In the middle of the sofa, Ning Xueluo elegantly and gracefully sipped her red wine. "That's enough. All of you, don't place me on a pedestal. Everyone's worked hard in this period of time. All of you will get a triple bonus this month."

When she announced that, the entire room was instantly filled with cheers of excitement.

Ning Xueluo took out a set of car keys from her bag and casually tossed it at David. "Our Director David is the hero. There's no need for doubt about that!"

"Wow! A Ferrari! Boss, you're incredibly generous!"

"Boss David, later on, let me borrow it to drive it around!"

"Me too, me too! Lend it to me to drive too!"


David looked thrilled as he swiftly caught the keys in his hand. "Thank you,Boss, for the reward!"

Ning Xueluo smiled. "As long as you work earnestly with me, I won't discriminate when it comes to the company's profit. You'll all get returns that you're satisfied with!"

"Thank you, Boss! To work with Boss means great benefits!"

"Boss, we'll definitely work hard! To shine for the company! To ignite for the company!"

David said confidently, "Boss, don't worry! This time for the international Spring/Summer fashion week, I'll definitely render Spirit to a point where they won't be able to make a comeback so as to avoid them from even being there and being irksome!"

When Ning Xueluo heard his promise, she said plainly, "That's fine, actually."

David went along. "Boss, you're right. Spirit's not even worthy for us to pay them any attention!"

This past year was no doubt the year that David had lived most comfortably. Initially, he was gasping for air with Spirit suppressing him. He had even been scolded by Ning Xueluo all day long and suffered from all kinds of sneers from those in the industry. What had worried him most was that secret, mysterious designer XZ, whose design style was exactly the same as a particular person...

However, now, he did not need to worry about all of that anymore...

This world of fashion design was still his turf in the end!