Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1802

    Chapter 1802: The Whole Story Back Then

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    Ning Xi realized that the things Yan Ruyi were about to say might be very important, so she listened quietly.

    Yan Ruyi released a long sigh. "Xiao Xi, actually, a lot of things are not the way you think they are. When we first knew that Tingxiao liked a girl and that even Little Treasure liked that girl too, Tingxiao's father and I were extremely happy until... we found out... that you're an actress..."

    "So, it's because of my profession," Ning Xi muttered.

    Yan Ruyi shook her head. "Later on, the reason we had been so against you getting together with Tingxiao, and even objected you getting too close to Little Treasure was not because of your family background. It's not even because of your profession...

    "Or rather, it was indeed because of your profession, but it's not the way you think it is. We don't flaunt ourselves to be superior and look down on people in the entertainment industry.

    "Actually, we respect everyone who works hard earnestly in every industry. Even I had been an idolator and until now there are still some old actors that I really like..."

    When she said this, Yan Ruyi paused, then she continued, "The reason we have a prejudice against the acting profession would need to start from when Little Treasure was kidnapped years ago..."

    When she heard this, Ning Xi's gaze suddenly changed. Her expression was solemn as she continued to listen.

    "Years ago, this incident caused a huge ruckus. It's also one of the biggest taboo in our Lu family, that's why we have never mentioned it to anyone. We've also erased all traces of what happened.

    "But, Xiao Xi, you're not an outsider. You're Tingxiao's wife and our daughter-in-law. There are many things that I still hope you will know. As for how you'd think after finding out, that is your freedom."

    Ning Xi knew a little about Little Treasure being kidnapped too, but she also knew that this incident was considered a secret, so she had never looked into it much.

    Yan Ruyi was deep in thought as she recalled the incident. She took a deep breath and continued, "Ever since he was young, Tingxiao has been keeping to himself. He's relatively detached. Even when he became an adult and reached the age of discussing marriage, he had never dated any girl and never had the desire to date.

    "For this reason, his father and I had been worried silly. We also used all sorts of ways, hoping that he could settle down soon, yet we didn't succeed.

    "Initially, his father and I had already given up and were hopeless. We even acknowledged that Tingxiao... He, ahem, might not like girls... It was at this moment that Little Treasure appeared..."

    When she mentioned Little Treasure, Yan Ruyi's eyes were filled with tenderness and affection. "As one can well imagine, our entire family was happy with the arrival of Little Treasure. Of course, Little Treasure was indeed very lovable too! The only regret was that this child did not have a mother to be by his side!"

    Yan Ruyi sighed, "Back then, Little Treasure was directly sent to the doorstep of the Lu family. When he was dropped off, he did not have anything with him. There was just a note that said he was Tingxiao's child.

    "In such an absurd situation with unknown origins, I just looked at Little Treasure once and almost immediately believed it by a distance. It was truly because this child looked so similar to Tingxiao when he was younger. Later on, we did a DNA test and indeed he was Tingxiao's child.

    "Tingxiao has probably told you how Little Treasure came about. Don't misunderstand Tingxiao. All of this was because we were desperate in the crisis back then. Tingxiaowas unwilling too.

    "That time Jingli had gone to investigate the girls that he had initially arranged, yet he did not find Little Treasure's biological mother... Until Little Treasure was three years old, a woman appeared..."

    When she heard this, Ning Xi's expression was solemn. "A woman?"