Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1799

    Chapter 1799: Spare My Life

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    Lu Tingxiao frowned and just as he was about to decline, Ning Xi stopped him. "They're your parents and not some wild beasts. It's alright to meet them."

    Since she was already married to Lu Tingxiao, they could not just keep on eluding them.

    Lu Jingli nodded. "That's right! Sister-in-law, my parents are much better now. They're really grateful towards you. My father declined every single girl who came to propose marriage, and my mother has probably visited every single temple in the country to pray for you!

    "You don't know this, but Guan Ziyao did a lot of things behind our back. My brother investigated it and revealed all of them in front of my parents. From Su Yimo's altered appearance, Little Treasure's poisoning... Those were all the Guan family's scheming! They spoke among themselves in private and mentioned that the first thing they were going to do after Guan Ziyao married into our family was to eliminate Little Treasure!

    "And also, when Little Treasure was in danger, I'm sure Guan Ziyao let him go on purpose so the bad guys could take him!

    "My parents know that they are at fault and that they've wronged you. My father regretted not believing my brother. My mother is also blaming herself for misunderstanding you.

    "When I told them that you've woken up, my father, who was supposed to be bedridden, suddenly sat up and started saying that he wants to see you. Even my mother was also making a fuss that she wants to follow me here"

    Ning Xi giggled at Lu Jingli. Was there anyone who would talk about their parents like this?

    "Please believe in me, Sister-in-law, I won't deceive you! It's really okay to meet them!" Lu Jingli said in a serious tone.

    Ning Xi squinted her eyes. "You won't deceive me? Then, why didn't you tell me earlier that I'm already married to your brother?"

    "Uhh" Lu Jingli was taken aback. "Right, you didn't know yet... but... you can't blame me for this! I didn't think about it at all! You've been my sister-in-law for over a year, so I was already used to it"

    Lu Jingli then looked at them carefully. "Why? What's wrong?"

    Ning Xi pouted. "I brought your brother to a romantic sea of flowers. I was prepared to grandly propose to your brother, then he told me that he can't do it because he's already married! Do you understand how I felt just now?"

    Lu Jingli was annoyed. "Then, can you understand the pain I feel right now? Please spare my life!"

    Since she could not get anything out of Lu Tingxiao, Ning Xi grabbed onto Lu Jingli and demanded,"Hold up, tell me what happened? How did your brother get married to me?"

    Lu Jingli looked at Lu Tingxiao and coughed lightly.

    Lu Jingli did not notice his brother's expression at all and sold him out. "Sister-in-law, at that time, everyone thought you'd never wake up again. The Zhuang family even told my brother not to wait for you anymore, and that they'd take care of you forever.

    "Then, my brother took out a ring and knelt by your bedside to propose to you. The Zhuangs, my parents, and even your manager were there. My brother swore before everyone, proposed to you, and helped you put the ring on. He even prepared the marriage certificates"