Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1795

    Chapter 1795: Enough Time To Accompany

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    Lei Ming looked at the reactions of those reporters present as his heart skipped a beat. He had an incredibly bad feeling.

    He trembled as he took out his phone, hoping that the situation could not be as terrible as he imagined. He comforted himself. He had been with Jiang Muye for so long that he had seen all sorts of things...

    In the end, when he saw those words, his tall and strong figure wavered, and he almost cried.

    Oh, Master...

    You are asking for my life right now!

    At the same time, Zheng Anru, Han Zixuan, and the members of the main creative team discussed with each other for a while. Instantly, they all had seen the Weibo post that Jiang Muye had posted too. All of their expressions were so furious that one could not bear looking straight at them.

    After Guo Qisheng was briefly startled, he shook his head and let out a helpless, bitter laugh that seemed like he expected this.

    When those people had mentioned Ning Xi, he already had a bad feeling...


    In this one year, Jiang Muye had kept down his temperament. He even gave people the illusion that he had restrained his sharp temper and was mature, yet they forgot that Jiang Muye was still that old Jiang Muye.

    Inside the hall, after a few seconds of awkward silence, the organizers of the press conference were instantly besieged by the shaken reporters. All sorts of questions rained down on them.

    "May we ask what just happened?"

    "Why would Jiang Muye suddenly post such a Weibo?!"

    "May we ask if the two main actors are on amicable terms or not?"

    "Hey, don't go! Please explain!"


    The organizers would never have thought that such a huge chaos would happen. They did not have any contingency plans at all, so they could only let everyone leave first and avoid the crazy reporters.

    Suddenly, the entire place was in an uproar while the originator of the chaos was already nowhere in sight.

    Lei Ming had narrowly escaped the pursuits of those reporters, then he hid in an unmanned corridor to frantically call Jiang Muye.

    To his horror, Jiang Muye's phone was already in an area without service...

    While his phone was already exploding from the calls from everyone, there were tens of calls from just Yi Xudong alone.

    After all, Glory World Entertainment was currently practically being held together by Jiang Muye alone. If their sole scion got into trouble too, he, Lei Ming, could die ten thousand times and it would still not be enough of an apology.

    Earlier, when Ling Zhizhi was still around, at least Jiang Muye would still listen to her, but now that Ning Xi was gone, Lu Jingli had long returned to the corporation and no longer cared. Even Ling Zhizhi had vanished after Ning Xi retired. He was reallyisolated and without help right now...


    In Deer Town.

    The bedroom was empty. There were no traces of the girl.

    Lu Tingxiao was holding a bowl of ginseng soup as he stood at the door. The bowl suddenly slipped from his hands and shattered on the ground beside his feet.

    "Ah... Darling, what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

    When he heard the girl's voice from behind him, Lu Tingxiao abruptly turned around and pulled the girl hard into his embrace.

    The man's heart was beating extraordinarily fast. His breath was hurried and disordered as it heated the girl's neck.

    The instant Ning Xi was drawn hard into his embrace, she seemed to notice a frightened and weak expression on Lu Tingxiao's face that she had never seen before...

    Was it because she had just gone out for a while and he suddenly saw that she was not there, so he was worried?

    Ever since she had woken up, Lu Tingxiao seemed to be just like this. As long as she was not within his line of sight, he would be spooked easily, seemingly due to past experiences.

    Little Treasure was the same. He was unwilling to leave her for even a moment.

    Never mind. She had enough time to accompany them and make up for when she had been vacant for a long time...