Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 179

    Chapter 179: Sexual Orientation Isnt Clear

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    After she was done speaking, Ning Xi ignored the uproar behind her as she directly got into the black car that had stopped right beside her.

    Luckily, Lu Tingxiao had arranged everything meticulously. He had already anticipated that she would be besieged by the reporters today, which was why the bodyguards and the car had appearedjust in time.

    "Miss Xi, where to next?" the driver asked.

    "Lets go home." Ning Xi paused, and then couldnt help asking, "Why do all of you call me Miss Xi and not Miss Ning?"

    Now that she thought about it, everyone in the Lu residence, from the maids to Lu Tingxiaos subordinates, all called her either Miss Xi or Miss Xiao Xi

    "It was CEO Lu who ordered it," the driver answered.

    "I see"

    This man was really too thoughtful he knew that she didn't like her Ning family name!

    At the same time, at the Lu residence.

    Lu Jingli lay limp on the sofa like a dead fish. "Brother! Youve been deciding the whole day! We have so many outstanding managers in the company, is there not a single one up to your standard? What about Lei Ming? Hes been with us for a long time, is very experienced, and has a lot of local and overseas contacts. He and Ning Xi also knoweach other!"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Hes Jiang Muyes manager."

    Lu Jingli: "Okay what about Hao Shuai? He has no connection to Jiang Muye, right?"

    Lu Tingxiao: "No males."

    Lu Jinglis mouth corner twitched. "Then Ye Shenglan! A top manager! Her professional capabilities are well established!"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Her sexual orientation isnt clear."

    "Pu its true there are rumors that say shes into women. Holy shit, brother, you know way too many details!" Lu Jinglis face was full of frustration. "What about Mei Xin then? Female, her boyfriend is Su Yimos ex-manager, her work performance was ranked number one last year in the company!"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Her characters problematic."

    Lu Jingli was completely dumbfounded. "Picking imperial concubines for the emperor is easier than this! What the hell do you want!"

    Lu Tingxiao paused for a moment, then asked: "Why didn't you give me Lin Zhizhis information?"

    "Lin Zhizhi is on leave, and she said she wouldn't take on new artistes in the near future. I figured she was trying to avoid Jiang Muye tut tut"

    "I want her." Lu Tingxiao decided straightaway.

    "Eh Brother, youre too evil" In his heart, Lu Jingli observed a moment of silence for Jiang Muye, then he started to do the same for himself. "Why are you always making things difficult for me! Lin Zhizhi already said she wasnt accepting new artistes!"

    As the two of them were discussing, Ning Xi returned

    "Im back! Anybody home?"

    As soon as she said it, one of her legs was hugged tightly by a soft little bun, and he hadan aggrieved "three hours felt like three years" expression on his face.

    Only after Ning Xi hugged him for a long time did the clingy little bun give her a smile.

    "Youre back, did it go smoothly?" Lu Tingxiao asked as he walked over.

    Talking about this, Ning Xi became all excited. "It went sowell. The lawyer which the company arranged for me was amazing, he took on three lawyers by himself and trashed them in a battle of words! Chang Li that monkey wanted to extort sixty million from me, but in the end I didn't pay a single cent! Oh, wait, I actually paid 252.40 yuan for Ning Xueluos medical fee! He was just so cool! Are the lawyers in Glory World Entertainment all as amazing as him? I heard them call him Big Defender Chen"

    At this moment, Lu Jingli said faintly behind them: "What lawyer for Glory World Entertainment, Chen Jing is the senior legal advisor at Lu Corporation!"

    "Pu" Hearing this, Ning Xi was stunned, and she looked at Lu Tingxiao in pure disbelief. "Lu Tingxiao, you asked your company lawyer who frequently deals with billion-dollar financial lawsuits to help me solve my tiny eight million yuan case?"