Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 178

    Chapter 178: Ning Xis Sponsor?

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    The end result was that the other party agreed to settle the matter privately, and no longer dared mention taking it to court.

    Ning Xis mind was still going round in circles. So it turned out that Lawyer Chen had been in cool-down mode at first, waiting until his strength was fully recharged before unleashing his ultimate move?

    Chang Li was even more stupefied than she was.

    It was the same for the three opposing lawyers.

    As Ning Xi and Lawyer Chen were leaving, Cai Yingyong, the Ning family lawyer,stood up abruptly, his face bewildered as he looked at Lawyer Chen and asked: "Wait! If I may be so bold, are you are you Big Lawyer Chen, Chen Jing?"

    The other two lawyers next to him were stunned at his words. "What Chen Jing? Which Chen Jing? It it cant be Big Defender Chen?"

    At first, they had completely looked down on this taciturn lawyer whom Ning Xi had brought with her, so they never bothered to ask who he was. Now, the more they thought about it, the more something felt off.

    They had never seen Chen Jing in person, but they had long heard about the way he worked.

    He was normally a man of few words, and people who didn't know him would assume he was a mute. But once he started working, it was as if crazy mode was switched on: rapid-fire speech, clear logic, words like blades, combat power which hit the roof

    Lawyer Chen paid no heed to Cai Yingyong, his steps never faltering as he directly walked out of the meeting room.

    Behind them.

    Chang Li collapsed into her chair like a dead person.

    It was over!

    Ning Xueluo had told her repeatedly not to let Ning Xi terminate her contract with the company, but now, it was a mess.

    Was the lawyer whom Ning Xi had hired the top lawyer in the whole capital, Big Defender Chen?

    Why would Big Defender Chen come running to help Ning Xi with a small contract termination?

    Knowing that this lawyer charged by the minute, it would cost a fortune to hire him!

    Maybe maybe Ning Xis sponsor was Lawyer Chen?

    Even after they left Starlight Entertainment, Ning Xi was still unable to wrap her head around the whole thing. Who would have thought this stuffy and stone-faced lawyer would be so fierce?

    Were all the lawyers in Glory World Entertainment this amazing?

    While she was still absorbed in her thoughts, a flood of reporters suddenly descended upon her at the main entrance

    "Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Did you come back to confess your crime?"

    "Do you have anything to say about your premeditated attempt to murder Ning Xueluo?"

    "Ning Xueluo has generously expressed that as long as you apologize, she is willing to give you a chance to turn over a new leaf, dont you feel ashamed of yourself?"

    "Did you also mastermind the previous incident with Jia Qingqing?"

    "Is it true that Starlight Entertainment is going to terminate your contract and blacklist you?

    Those reporters crowded Ning Xi in a frenzy. Ning Xi was outnumbered, and it also wouldnt be good for her to become violent with the reporters in this situation. Just as she was thinking of a way to escape, five well-trained bodyguards dressed in black came out of nowhere, and in less than ten seconds, they had contained the situation, protecting Ning Xi tightly in their center.

    The reporters looked at each other.

    What was going on?

    Where did these people come from?

    How could a two-bit artiste like Ning Xi, with no status, power, or background, afford bodyguards? And five of them!

    In order to not create rumors or bring trouble to Ning Xi, the bodyguards this time werent wearing the Lu family emblem, but were still more than enough to scare the reporters off.

    Protected by the bodyguards, Ning Xi paused, and spoke calmly in front of the reporters: "Firstly, Im not guilty, so theres no need for me to turn myself in for anything, and I have nothing to be ashamed of; secondly, the incident with Jia Qingqing was already clarified a long time ago, please don't spread misleading lies, otherwise, that is slander; thirdly, I did terminate my contract with Starlight, just a while ago. But I was the one who initiated it. Fourthly, want to blacklist me? They can try."