Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1779

    Chapter 1779: Evil Spirit That Could Remove Seals

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    Lu Jingli's head was about to explode. He already did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

    "This... This can't be real... I'm dreaming... I must be dreaming," Lu Jingli mumbled as he reached out towards Ning Xi with a faltering hand, but very quickly, he pulled back. "Oh, no... My brother will beat me up... I'd better just pinch myself..."

    Then, he pinched his thigh as hard as he could.

    "Ow!" He cried out in pain as his tears fell down even harder. He was practically bawling like an idiot. "Sis-in-law! You woke up, you've woken up, you're up! You really woke up! I'm not dreaming! Oh my God! I'm about to go crazy!"

    Lu Jingli darted around the room emotionally. When he was done, he suddenly came to a sudden halt and ran up to Ning Xi. He carefully extended a finger out and poked her body. "Y-you're really... not an illusion! Oh..."

    After he poked her, he started going around the room like a madman again.

    When Lu Jingli's brain finally returned to normal, a very long while had passed.

    In the room, only Lu Jingli and Ning Xi were left.

    Ning Xi looked helpless. "Okay, dunce! Stop running around. My eyesight is getting blurry. Come over and hold me... My legs are a little numb..."

    When Lu Jingli heard this, he quickly ran over and held as though he was holding the emperor's father. Carefully, he helped Ning Xi to the sofa.

    "Sit down. I've something to ask you."

    "Oh,oh, oh..." Lu Jingli quickly sat down obediently.

    "How long have I been in a coma for?" Ning Xi asked the question she was most concerned about.

    "Exactly a year and a month!" Lu Jingli immediately answered.

    Ning Xi was horrified as she flailed her arms and legs. "I've really been in a coma for so long! No wonder I feel like my body doesn't feel like mine anymore. I'm practically a mummy. Walking and just talking requires so much effort...:

    Lu Jingli stared at her incredulously. "Please! You've been lying in bed for a year. Not a day, not a week and not a month either! Other people find it hard to even get up after lying down for a year! They don't run around like you. Do you know that you almost frightened me to death?!"

    Ning Xi blinked innocently. "Mmm... I just walked around nearby downstairs. I wasn't very clear-headed when I just woke up. I thought I was still in my dreams and I walked out in a daze..."

    "You actually went downstairs too! You even walked around!" Lu Jingli was incredibly dumbfounded by the woman before him. Out of the blue, he was then almost blinded by the bedazzling woman before him.

    If they said that the Ning Xi in a coma was a sleeping beauty, then the Ning Xi who had just woken up was practically an evil spirit that could remove seals, even more powerfully than before! He simply could not find the right adjective to describe this beauty!

    Little Annie's prescription was just too God-like!

    She had lain for so long, yet her skin was still so supple that you could bounce moisture off it. Although her body was very stiff, compared to a typical person, she was already many times better.

    Most importantly was her mannerisms that seemed as if it had gone through a thorough change. Her entire being had shed a layer of mortal flesh.

    "Right, who's Han Zixuan?" She had finally caught onto someone's name, so Ning Xi immediately asked the question she was previously puzzling over.

    She was pressed to clarify the situation and to confirm that she had nowreally woken up and was living in reality.

    Lu Jingli was a little surprised when he heard her. "How do you know the name Han Zixuan?"

    "Earlier, when I passed by a nearby shop, I saw it in the newspaper," answered Ning Xi.

    Lu Jingli studied her, unsure if he should say it. He only answered after choosing his words carefully. "Han Zixuan could be considered the most popular female artiste in the entertainment industry right now..."