Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1777

    Chapter 1777: Unreal Feeling

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    As the information from the newspapers and magazines flowed into her mind, she felt confused and chaotic.

    Until... she saw another headline

    It was also about Guo Qisheng initiating the TV series of "The World", but the title this time was "After Two Years, Guo Qisheng Is Making The TV Series Of 'The World'!"

    Ning Xi's eyes locked onto the word "after two years"...

    Two years?

    How was that possible?

    A year had not even passed yet since she had completed filming!

    Was it the editor's mistake?

    Suddenly she realized that all the dates on these newspapers were 201X?!

    The editor might be mistaken, but it was impossible for all these newspapers to be wrong, wasn't it?

    Ning Xi's voice trembled slightly, "Boss"

    "Miss, do you need anything else?" The owner's eyes had not strayed from the girl in front of him the whole time. He swiftly replied when she called out to him.

    "I'd like to know... what year is it now?"

    The owner's expression turned from impressed to stunned. He was thinking that maybe this beautiful girl was actually mentally challenged.

    "Uh, Miss, are you alright? It's 201X year now... By the way, I think I've never seen you in town before. Are you from"

    Ning Xi could not hear what the owner said at the end. She could not believe what she had just heard.

    Had she slept for a whole year?

    No wonder! No wonder everything had changed

    Many new faces had appeared in the entertainment news.

    The entertainment industry moved on quickly. New artistes would pop up every now and then, what more after a year

    There were two high school girls behind Ning Xi when she was talking to the owner and they were staring at Ning Xi's direction.

    One of them dragged her friend closer. "Gosh! Look at that lady! Why... Why does she look so much like Ning Xi?"

    "Ning Xi? Who?" Her friend was confused.

    "That Ning Xi! The artiste I really liked before!" The student almost screamed.

    After some time, she managed to recognize her. "Oh, you seemed pretty intofemale celebrities last year... but you must be mistaken! Didn't you say she retired?"

    "But... she really looks like it... Hmm, wait, her aura... Something seems different after all... She gives off an unreal feeling"

    "Stop messing around! You must've made a mistake!"


    "Thank you."

    Ning Xi went back to the house she came out from after she thanked the owner.

    It seemed like she would need to ask someone to know more.

    At the same time, by the room door on the second floor of the house.

    Lu Jingli was like a cornered lion. He was going crazy. "Missing! What do you mean missing? How can a person suddenly vanish?"

    The caretaker was dumbfounded. She replied as her whole body trembled, "Second Master, I really don't know... Ms. Annie's ointment is meant to be applied every three hours. I'm just here on time to apply it on Madam... but... she was gone"