Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1774

    Chapter 1774: House Is Not A Home

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    Not long after dinner, Lu Tingxiao's phone suddenly rang urgently.

    "Hello?" Lu Tingxiao picked up the call.

    "Hello! Bro! Not good... Father... Father fainted at home! Now, he's been sent to the hospital... The doctor says... this time... he might not make it..." From the other end of the phone came Lu Jingli's stammering, clearly at a loss.

    The man's expression instantly sank deeply. "I'll be there right away."

    "Hold on! Bro, bring Little Treasure along too. What if Father, he..." Lu Jingli still could not bring himself to utter the possibility.

    The man paused. "Understood."


    At night, at Imperial Hospital.

    Lu Chongshan had just been rescued and was lying in the intensive care ward.

    "Doctor? How's my husband?"

    The attending doctor looked solemn. "In this period of time, Mr. Lu's health hasn't been too good. This time was an especially dangerous situation. I'm afraid it'll be very hard for him to make it..."

    Yan Ruyi's body trembled. She could not stand upright anymore and she fell into Lu Jingli's embrace, weeping, "Chongshan..."

    "Mother, don't cry! Nothing's happen to Father yet! Didn't he make it through all those times? It was also a dangerous case six years ago, but he didn't he make it too? Father's experienced so much. This time, he'll definitely make it through!" Lu Jingli comforted with a firm tone.

    The doctor encouraged, "On our side, we'll definitely do our very best."

    Little Treasure stared blankly at the old man in the intensive care ward through the glass window. He lightly tugged onto his grandmother's hand and held it tightly.

    Yan Ruyi squatted down and hugged Little Treasure in her arms as if she was hugging onto a last floating log down the river.

    On the side, the silent Lu Tingxiao glanced at the doctor, then asked him to go to a spot far away in a lowered voice.

    "I want to hear the truth," Lu Tingxiao said frankly.

    The doctor forced a smile and answered, "Actually, the main thing will depend on the patient's will to live. You've seen the elder's health situation in this one yearfor yourself. He suffers from a mental knot, not being able to untie the knot and facing this result right now was something that was bound to happen... His illness is affected too much by his emotions..."

    Actually, they had indeed predicted this. Since the beginning of the meeting of the clans and the blow from the stream of events that had happened, in the past year, Lu Chongshan's body had gradually deteriorated and weakened...

    "On our side, we'll definitely do our best. As family members, you can't do much now either. Try your best to comfort him, have him to not take things too hard. Maybe things will take a turn for the better." Even though the doctor said this, he did not hold much hope either. It had been a year after all and if there was any mental block that could be resolved, it would have long been resolved. How could it improve overnight?

    "Got it, thank you."

    Yan Ruyi was tired from crying. She sat in a daze on the bench and muttered to herself, "Your father, he... Even though he usually doesn't say it, he knows that... hurting you guys was all of his fault... hurt Xiao Xi... hurt you... and hurt Little Treasure too... Now Xiao Xi will be bed-ridden for the rest of her life... As for you and Little Treasure, your lives are considered ruined too... Our entire family is ruined too... The house is not a home..."

    Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao stood there in silence as no one said anything.

    In the quiet corridor, only the sound of Yan Ruyi's mournful sobs was heard. Gloomy clouds hovered over everyone's heads.

    After that, Lu Chongshan had to be closely monitored in the hospital.

    Only when Little Treasure was around would Lu Chongshan's situation improve a little. He could force himself to take a few bites of food. In this period of time, Little Treasure had been obediently accompanying him in the hospital.

    The news of Lu Chongshan being critically ill was leaked. All the family clans had rushed from all over to Imperial to find out about it. Suddenly, all the people in the entire family clan and the Lu corporation were anxious again...