Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1773

    Chapter 1773: All Good Today

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    After that, Lu Tingxiao ferried Ning Xi from the sanatorium to Deer Town.

    The land in Imperial was extremely expensive. This small town was initially the same as the rest and was meant to berelocated and reconstructed. However, back then, the residents had all gathered together to protest. Plus, one of the residents was an internationally renowned geologist. After he ran around advocating to save the town, it was preserved as a cultural heritage and to protect the landform, it was not opened to outsiders.

    In the evening, the afterglow of the sunset covered the entire garden. There was sweet-sounding birdsong by their ear, and the petals' dew on the flower rack covered in Japanese roses was refracting shards of rainbow-colored rays.

    "Mr. Lu, you're so early today!" When the caretaker saw from afar who had come, she quickly walked out to greet and took the jacket from the man's hand.

    "How's the Madam today?" The man asked as usual.

    "The Madam is all good today," answered the caretaker.

    "Mmm." The man nodded, then he walked upstairs.

    As usual, the caretaker swiftly prepared the hot water to bring upstairsand walked out of the room.

    Even though she was a professional caretaker hired by the Lu family with a high salary, her actual work was actually very little. This man had picked up all the skills of a caregiver, regarding all the care that the Madam needed, he would do it by himself. He even did it better than her as a professional.

    For an entire year, whether rain or shine, he never stopped.

    She had been a caretaker for many years and had seen too many forms ofcold and warmth on Earth. The saying went that there were no dutiful children at the bedside [1]; this line was commonly used between husband and wives too. Most people might grief at the start and personally take care of the patient for a few days, but once the days got longer, those who accompanied these patients would usually only be left with caretakers themselves...

    This was the first time she had seen a man go to this extent for his wife...

    In the room.

    Lu Tingxiao casually rolled the sleeves of his blouse up and soaked the towel in hot water before he started to wipe the body of the girl on the bed.

    At that time, all of Ning Xi's external wounds had been treated by that mysterious long-haired man, whose stitching skills were even gushed over in admiration as the work of God by the best suturing doctor in the military hospital.

    After a year of recovery, supplemented by medication to remove the scars, Ning Xi's body almost showed no traces of injuries at all.

    On the contrary, because she stayed indoors all year round, on top of the utmost nursing and great care, the girl's skin was even fairer and tender. She lay quietly on the bed as if she would wake up in the next second.

    Lu Tingxiao wiped the girl's body well, then he put on all sorts of skincare products on her. He carefully helped her comb her long, jet-black, waterfall-like hair. After that, he skillfully massaged her body.

    After he was done with everything, the man sat at the bedside and lightly planted a kiss on the girl's forehead.

    Every day, he repeated the same process, the same actions.

    At this moment, there was the sound of someone running upstairs from outside the door. It disrupted the man's absent-minded routine, then he saw that Little Treasure was holding a huge bouquet of flowers that he had just picked as he ran swiftly towards the room.

    Indeed, because he ran too quickly, he was careless when passing through the doorway. The little guy suddenly tripped and he fell sturdily onto the ground. The wildflowers in his hand scattered across the ground.

    Lu Tingxiao quickly got up and walked swiftly over to help Little Treasure up. He frowned as he looked at how his knee was red and swollen.

    "Sit here, don't move. I'll go get medicine." Lu Tingxiao immediately had a serious expression as he turned around to get the first aid kit.

    Behind him, Little Treasure sat on the floor, staring blankly at the injury on his knee.

    Lu Tingxiao was putting the medicine for him as the little guy stared blankly at his knee. He did not say anything from the start to the end. He also did not shift his gaze at all.

    "What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao asked with a frown.

    The little guy touched his knee, looked up, and answered the man with his black eyes, "Mommy... Mommy will blow wind for Little Treasure..."

    Lu Tingxiao's expression suddenly stiffened as if that weak layer of shell around him had suddenly been struck hard and was covered in cracks.

    Moments later, the man calmed down as he looked at his son and bent over to get closer. He blew clumsily at the part of his son's knee where it had been hurt. "Does it still hurt?"

    Little Treasure rubbed his eyes, then he shook his head. "I'm not a five-year-old child anymore."

    Mommy, Little Treasure is already six years old! Infact, there is still a few more months before Little Treasure will turn seven.

    Mommy, when I turn seven years old, can you wake up?

    Mommy, I know I am not a child anymore.

    But, Mommy, I really miss you...