Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1760

    Chapter 1760: Fair Competition

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    She had to take up the responsibility since Xiao Xi had transferred the shares to her. She would never allow these people to mess up the company.

    "You…" Ning Yaohua fumed.

    Ning Yaobang was watching the show happily as he enjoyed the alcohol.

    Su Yan felt a little awkward, but he was here today for some other reason anyway. He was obviously not focused the whole time.

    Su Yan would usually back her up under circumstances like this, but the man beside her did not say anything at all. Ning Xueluo bit her lips aggrievedly, but he did not even notice it.

    For quite some time, he had been giving less and less attention to her.

    Of course, she realized what Su Yan was thinking about. It was that witch who seduced him…

    Thud—! Ning Zhiyuan hit the ground loudly with his walking stick. "Enough, shut up! Do you guys want to destroy the home before I die?"

    There was silence across the room.

    Ning Zhiyuan was panting. After a while, he took a deep breath and started talking, "Xueluo's still inexperienced. It is indeed inappropriate for her to take on this role. It'd be difficult for the other employees to obey her too. Qiutong, no matter how amazing the person you hire is, it'd be useless if that person doesn't understand the status of Ning International!"

    "So, what do you mean, Father?" Ning Yaobang asked as he gleefully hoped for more chaos to ensue.

    The elder glared at Ning Yaobang, then he continued, "Qiutong, it's okay for the person you hire to join the company, but he has to start from the bottom like Xueluo. They'd then have a fair chance at competing. After judging their performance, we'll hold a poll in the next stakeholder meeting."

    While both parties were unhappy about the decision, they could not do anything about it. Ning Yaohua and Ning Qiutong did not say any thing, and agreed tacitly to the elder's idea.

    The dinner was finally over.

    Zhuang Lingyu was still grumbling on the way back, "Fair competition? Father was obviously biased towards Ning Qiutong. Not only does she have more shares than us, she also has Wenbo to help her! How can Xueluo fight against her? It's all that damned brat's fault for giivng Ning Qiutong all the shares out of her hatred towards us! We wouldn't be in such an awkward state otherwise!"

    Ning Xueluo comforted, "Don't get angry, Mother. Bro Yan will be helping me, right, Bro Yan?"

    Su Yan finally nodded and said something after a whole night of keeping mum, "Of course."

    Zhuang Lingyu's expression softened. She put both their hands together. "You are both great. It'd be better if you guys have a child soon. Then, the elder will focus on you guys more!"

    "What are you talking about, Mother?" Ning Xueluo looked embarrassed.

    Zhuang Lingyu urged her, "It's an important matter. Listen to me, the both of you! Su Yan, isn't your mother longing for a grandchild?"

    Su Yan coughed lightly, "My mother is alright. She's respecting our wishes."

    His mother was actually longing for a grandchild way before his marriage to Xueluo, but after they got married, his mother suddenly stopped looking forward to it and did not really say anything about it afterward…