Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1756

    Chapter 1756: The Only Thing I Can Do For You

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    [Tianxin: Where are you? Your mother's very worried about you. If you see this, please call her back.]

    When Mo Lingtian read her message, the blood rush and the turbulent emotions in him instantly quieted down.

    It was not an illusion...

    It turned out not to be an illusion...

    The old vendor was humming songs and arranging his stocks. From the corner of his eye, he saw the young man, who was squatting at his door to charge his phone, suddenly stiffen his back as his fists tightened into balls. He was staring at his phone. Moments later, water droplets fell onto his handphone screen...

    "Hey! Young man, what's wrong? Are you sure you don't need help?" The old man ran over to ask a little worriedly.

    The man did not look up. "Give me a packet of cigarettes."

    "What kind do you want? I don't have any good ones here. In fact, I'm worried you won't be used to them..."

    "Anyone. It's fine."

    The old man sized him up as he hesitantly grabbed a pack of cigarettes for him from the stock rack, and passed him a lighter.

    Mo Lingtian lit up the cigarette, took a drag, and suddenly coughed profusely from the nose-piercing stench of tobacco.

    The old man guffawed. "Strong, isn't it?! Our cigarettes are powerful enough, eh?!"

    This place went with the folkways and was simple. The old man was probably worried that he was burdened by problems, so he kept talking to him. His words were long-winded and rang by his ear. Nearby, on the surface of the sea, the sky turned brighter, and the sea breeze that came with a salty humidity caressed his face...

    Mo Lingtian read the message on his phone quietly over and over again.

    It felt as if something in his body had suddenly been filled with a huge amount of power. All of sudden, this power broke through from underneath the soil that had been dark and lonely without any daylight.

    Time passed quietly...

    The man did not move as he stared at the message. His finger fell onto the reply button, yet in the end, he still did not do anything.

    When his phone had a little more juice, Mo Lingtian pulled up his contact list and called home.

    "Hello, Mother..."

    "Lingtian... Lingtian! It really is you! You brat! Where've you gone? Do you know that you've really frightened your mother to death?! What's wrong with your voice? Are you sick? Where are you ill? Where are you now? Where've you gone these past few days?" Kang Shuhui suddenly fired a whole barrage of questions.

    "Mother, I'm sorry. I'll be going home right away. I won't make you worry anymore."

    "Child..." When she heard her son's raspy and frail voice, Kang Shuhui felt her heart ache.

    "Mother, please call Tianxin back and just tell her I'm fine," said the man.

    When Kang Shuhui heard thison the other end of the phone, she was stunned. "Tianxin contacted you? Why don't you tell her yourself? Lingtian, tell me honestly. Do you feel something towards Tianxin?"

    "Mother, no." The man's voice held no hesitation, then he added, "Please help me reply her. My phone is running out of battery."

    Kang Shuhui did not doubt him. Plus, she wanted to see her son sooner, so she quickly replied, "Oh, oh, okay... Then quickly come home, alright?"



    After he finished the cigarette, the man slowly stood up. "Thanks, the cigarette's pretty good."

    The old man chuckled. "Isn't it? Those who've tried my cigarettes say they're good indeed! Young man,have you... run into some problems?"

    The man gazed quietly at the sea not too far away. "I just suddenly understood some things."

    He finally understood and was willing to admit that in those long years and companionship, he had fallen for another girl.

    Only, when he finally realized this, it was already impossible between them.

    The only thing I can do for you is one thing.

    To not disturb you..