Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1755

    Chapter 1755: Go With The Heart and Instincts As Long As The Conscience Is Clear

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    "Ah... There's no need. It's not anemergency. Don't disturb her."

    When she heard that Ning Xi was busy, Ning Tianxin hung up. She fell silent for a while before she started to shake her head gently, and found the whole situation rather absurd.

    They were already unrelated anyway, so why should she care about what he would think. Why should she care about whether she was acting ridiculously?

    Go along with the heart and natural instincts as long as my conscience is clear.

    Ning Tianxin felt relieved, then she opened her Wechat and very quickly sent a message over. She picked up her book and continued towards the direction of her class.


    On an island in City S.

    The small island was all alone in the middle of the sea. On the island was a villa with a unique design. It was cut off from the rest of the world, making the beautiful scenery even more exclusive and exotic.

    However, at this moment, it was a total mess in the wine cellar.

    The thick curtains had completely blocked out all sunlight. The entire wine cellar was practically hollowed out. The floor was strewn with empty wine bottles, and the place was filled with the pungent smell of alcohol.

    The man lay in the middle of the wine bottles and fragments of glass, his body emaciated and his stubble-covered face sunken in. There was not a glimpse of light in his defeated eyes. He was like an animal nearing death...

    The phone beside him was in silent mode and only lit up occasionally, lighting up the dim space.

    It was not sure how long had passed before the man robotically got up. He simply took another bottle of wine from the wine rack that was already emptied by half.

    He tripped over something and he clumsily fell to the ground all of a sudden.

    The man did not care either and just lay there in despair.

    At that moment, the phone beside him lit up again.

    The man could barely see anything. He did not even so much as glance at it, but he did seem to be annoyed by the glare right beside his eyes. It was too irksome, so he finally found that bit of energy...

    The instant his fingers clicked on the power button, the man's numb and defeated eyes suddenly burst open as if there were raging flames that sparked in them. His entire body suddenly sat right up and he looked in disbelief at the name on the screen.


    Because the main screen only displayed the sender and not the content of the message, Mo Lingtian instantly attempted to unlock his phone with trembling fingers.

    However, it was right at that moment that his phone automatically shut down because it was out of battery.

    "Damn it!"

    For seven whole days, the wine cellar was devoid of any human contact, but now the man's furious curses rattled away under his breath.

    He turned the entire villa upside down, but he could not find the charger.

    The man immediately ran out of the doorand raced his yacht away from the small island.

    The nearest shore to the small island was a fishing village. He tore at a flying speed towards the local grocery store.

    "Boss... Charger... Do you have?"

    When the shopkeeper suddenly saw this shabby man with messy hair and a smudged face, he was frightened. "You..."

    Before the shopkeeper could say anything, Mo Lingtian slammed a hundred bucks onto the table.

    "We do! We've got it! We have whichever type you want!"

    "Can I charge it here?"

    "Can. Look beside your foot. Yes, there's a power socket!"

    Mo Lingtian took the charger that was offered and sat right down on the floor, then he inserted the charger into the socket.

    One second... Five seconds... Ten seconds...

    "Why's it so slow?"

    "Hehe, it's a counterfeit. How could it be fast? Just wait for a while more!" The old man curiously examined him. "Young man, were you duped into those multi-level marketing things? Do you need me to help you call the police?"

    "No." Mo Lingtian's eyes did not blink for a second as he stared at the red progress bar on the phone.

    He waited for three whole minutes before the phone could finally be switched on.

    Mo Lingtian was about to click into his WeChat app, but he suddenly paused. His fingers clenched then relaxed again repeatedly before he finally opened the app and read the message.