Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1741

    Chapter 1741: I Cant Keep The Pretense Up For Very Long

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    At the military sanatorium in the suburbs of Beijing.

    A black Maybach and a silver Ferrari came to a stop near the entrance at the same time.

    "Uncle, I got them here!"

    "CEO Lu!"


    After they greeted one another, everyone went towards the sanatorium.

    Xiao Tao's eyes flew wide open when she saw the place in front of her. There were armed soldiers guarding the entrance and a tall sentry box with guards.

    Was this not the legendary military sanatorium? It was said that only important officers or family members could stay here!

    Why was Bro Xi here?

    Could CEO Lu have arranged it?

    As they arrived at the entrance, Lu Tingxiao made a call. "I've brought a few people, hoping to see Xiao Xi. They are Xiao Xi's manager and assistant. We have to handle Xiao Xi's career carefully, so they need to know about this."

    Soon, someone came out from the inside.

    It was a young officer.

    The guard by the door saluted the officer. "Colonel Lin!"

    "Mmm, open the door and let them in."


    "Please, CEO Lu." Lin Qian brought the group into the care center.

    On the first floor, they walked for about ten minutes and went past several sentry posts, before finally reaching a small, red-bricked building hidden within a forest. If not for Lin Qian's guide, regular people would not make it there.

    It was not advisable for too many people to go in at once, so Ling Zhizhi's group stood outside and looked in through the glass window.

    "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who was liked by everyone. The person who liked her the most was her grandmother. She would give her everything she wanted. Once, the grandmother gave the girl a small red hat made of velvet. It fit just right on the girl's head. Ever since…"

    The soft and gentle voice echoed in the room.

    Lu Tingxiao's expression softened as he looked at Little Treasure and the girl in silence.

    Lu Jingli was touched as well. "Little Treasure spoke…"

    Under the warm sunlight, the little boy was sitting by the bed with a book in his hand. He was reading the book with his gentle voice like an angel.

    The girl beside him was lying on the bed quietly. Bandages were all over her with complex-looking machines beside her and numerous tubes were hooked up to her body.

    Jiang Muye could not stand it anymore. After just a glance, he covered his eyes in denial and rushed out.

    Ling Zhizhi looked on in pain. Jiang Muye had only told her about the situation vaguely in the car, but she did not expect it to be this terrible after she saw it for herself.

    Xiao Tao stood beside Ling Zhizhi with a pale face. Her body started shaking. "Bro Xi…"

    "Ms. Ling, how long can you delay the news?" Lu Tingxiao asked straightforwardly.

    Ling Zhizhi took a deep breath to calm herself down, then she replied, "To be honest, I'm not sure. It would depend on the reaction of her fans.

    "The three projects Ning Xi was involved in will be airing soon: "Nine Realms", "Mother", and "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad". Ning Xi's popularity will reach its peak, and at this period of time, it should be her most active period. She would have to attend all the promotional events since she's part of the main cast.

    "It would still be alright if Ning Xi doesn't show up once or twice, but people will start to be suspicious if the frequency of her not appearing grows."

    Ling Zhizhi then said with a troubled expression, "I'm afraid... I can't keep the pretense up for very long…"