Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 174

    Chapter 174: Midnight Fright

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    The First People's Republic Hospital in the capital.

    Ning Xueluo lay comfortably in the hospital bed, a glass of red wine in one hand as she browsed Weibo with the other. Seeing how Ning Xi was being cursed at online, she had never been happier.

    As Cui Caijing massaged her calf, she said in a flattering tone, "Sister Xueluo, your legs are amazing, so long and straight!"

    Actually, they looked only a little better than that of the average person. Every year, she spent millions on maintenance and plastic surgery, how couldnt it look better than legs belonging to the average person?

    Ning Xueluo liked these types of compliments, and said in a pleased tone, "I was born this way."

    Chang Li nearby felt a little uneasy for some reason, and said in a worried tone, "Xueluo, do you think its possible that the reason Ning Xi hasnt shown up in so long is because shes thinking up ways to get back at us?"

    When Ning Xueluo heard her words, she sneered disdainfully. "You think too highly of her, even if she sleeps with a hundred men, there is no way she can turn this situation around!"

    "Thats true, in the entertainment industry, for an artiste who has such a bad record, the consequences will be no less severe than they were for Jia Qingqing. Itll be useless no matter who tries to clear her reputation!" Slowly, Chang Li relaxed. "By the way, I just sent an email to give Ning Xi an ultimatum. If she doesnt make an appearance at the company before six o'clock tomorrow evening, well blacklist her. I dont believe that she won't appear tomorrow!"

    "Remember to arrange a few more reporters to wait for her!" Ning Xueluo smiled broadly.

    She was just about to reply to her fans' concerns about the state of her injury, when a new email notification popped up at the top of the screen.

    Who had sent her an email so late? Furthermore, it was to her private inbox...

    Ning Xueluo didnt think too much about it as she opened it. But with just one look, she instantly froze up, and the red wine in her hand spilled all over her.

    "Oh my, what's wrong, Sister Xueluo?" Cui Caijing hurriedly grabbed some tissues to clean her up.

    "What's wrong, Xueluo?" Chang Li asked suspiciously after seeing how frightened Ning Xueluo looked.

    "See for yourself!" With trembling hands, Ning Xueluo threw the cellphone in utter fury at Cui Caijings head. "How the hell do you do things, you actually made such a big mistake! Why did you send that email from my apartment? And didn't I tell you a thousand times to use an anonymous account to send the money?"

    Dizzy from being hit, it took Cui Caijing quite a while to regain her senses. With one hand covering her forehead, she read the email on her phone, and also froze. She said with a panicked expression, "Sister Xueluo, you can't blame me for this, I did use an anonymous account! As for the email you were also there when I sent it, and you didn't say anything at the time!"

    Ning Xueluo threw down the wineglass, and it shattered. "Even if I didnt say anything, cant you think for yourself? If you just do everything I tell you to do, then why would I need you at all?"

    After Chang Li read the email, she looked grim. "The thing that I was most worried about has actually happened! I was afraid that if someone discovered a weak point who on earth sent this email? Dont tell me it was Zhang Qiang?"

    Ning Xueluos expression was dark, and she said in a confident tone: "Impossible! Zhang Qiang is just a hoodlum and a scoundrel with just a primary school education. He doesnt know anything about IP addresses and anonymous accounts!"

    "Then this is just too strange in any case, apart from us, only Zhang Qiang knows about this matter. He must have been the one to leak the news! Is he conspiring with someone else? But Zhang Qiang has long run off, we have no way of asking him!" Chang Li said anxiously.

    Ning Xueluo paced back and forth irritably in the ward. "What's the use of spouting all this rubbish? The most important thing now is how are we going to solve this problem!"