Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1736

    Chapter 1736: Who Are You Calling Kiddo?

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    The little guy seemed to have noticed that an outsider had invaded his reclusive world. His initially clingy expression when looking at his mother suddenly changed. His cute little face suddenly froze and his gaze sharply shot towards the other person in the ward.

    Like a little beast that suddenly revealed its claws, even though he was young and tender, his vigor was not weak at all.

    Clunk, clunk! Suddenly, there was a weird sound like metal chafing. A row of robots suddenly appeared inside the suite. The robots' bodies reflected ice-cold brightness as the metal arms' pitch-dark ports all pointed towards the "invader".

    "Oh my God! When did Little Treasure bring these toys over?" Lu Jingli was so frightened he almost fledignominiously. He quickly found something to block them to avoid any accidental injuries later on that would bring him to his death.

    When they saw those uniformed robots which were clearly controlled by someone, the people in the Zhuang family including the officers outside were all shocked.

    Zhuang Rongguang's eyes were about to fall out of his sockets. "So cool! These... these robots can't possibly be controlled by this kiddo, can they?"

    When he took a better look, there was indeed a black object that looked like a control device in Little Treasure's hand.

    "Little bunny kiddo! Who are you calling a kiddo?!" Zhuang Rongguang had just finished when his head was smacked hard by Zhuang Zongren.

    Zhuang Rongguang instantly wailed and clutched his head, seeming stupid from getting beaten. "Grandfather, why did you hit me!?"

    Zhuang Zongren shot him a look. His eyes were full of praise as he looked at the little guy who was sternly protecting Ning Xi. His tone was even gentler and more loving now. "Little Treasure, don't be nervous. Don't be afraid. We won't hurt her... We're here to help her..."

    Little Treasure's expression did not change at all. He was on high alert as he used his little body to block Ning Xi from the front. Those robots of his remained in their standby mode too.

    Zhuang Zongren revealed a helpless expression.

    At this moment, Lu Tingxiao walked past the robots and right up to Little Treasure. He squatted down and said to him, "Want to let Mommy get better sooner?"

    The little guy's attention was immediately attracted by this sentence and he looked hopefully at Lu Tingxiao.

    Lu Tingxiao continued, "You've met Grandfather Zhuang before. Mommy was there too, do you remember?"

    When he heard "Mommy", the little bun started to consider seriously, then he nodded.

    After Zhuang Zongren saw that the little guy still remembered him, he seemed instantly gratified.

    "Grandfather Zhuang is Mommy's friend. He can send Mommy to a better hospital," said Lu Tingxiao.

    When the little guy heard this, even though he had relaxed a little, he still did not have any intentions of yielding.

    "You stay with Mommy. Go with Grandfather Zhuang, okay?"

    It was only when Lu Tingxiao said this did Little Treasure completely relax and he nodded.

    At the same, the robots that had blocked the sickbed all put away the weapons on their arms and retreated in two rows, making a pathway.

    When Lu Jingli saw this, he patted his chest and walked out from behind the door in confusion.

    What was going on? His brother was not only letting the Zhuang family take Xiao Xi Xi away. He even let them take Little Treasure too?

    Was this not giving away his bride and losing his son [1] too?

    At this moment, Zhuang Zongren took a deep breath and tried to probe again, "Little Treasure, come. Come to Grandfather Zhuang?"

    Little Treasure hesitated, then he finally walked towards Zhuang Zongren.

    As Zhuang Zongren watched the way the little child pledged his life to protect his mother and the way the child walked towards him while he kept looking back, his heart ached for him. He carefully picked the little guy up in his arms.

    After he consoled Little Treasure, Zhuang Zongren then ordered the entourage of medical personnel to transfer the patient out.