Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1733

    Chapter 1733: Today We Must Take Her Away

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    After Zhuang Liaoyuan contemplated to himself, he exchanged a glance with his father beside him, then chose his words carefully as he said, "We're not interested in getting involved with the Lu family's disputes. The main point is now that the matter has developed to this, whatever you say won't change the fact that Xiao Xi is in a coma. We just want to take Xiao Xi home now."

    "Lin Jian, retrieve the lady." Without waiting for Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi to say anything, Zhuang Liaoyuan had already raised his hand to command the people. Obviously, they were determined to take her away that very day.


    After the young officer from earlier accepted the order, he immediately brought a team of people, including a professional medical personnel, to walk straight towards the ward entrance. Beside them, the doctor and nurses were intimidated by the hostility of the militants. All of them cowered on the side. No one dared to step up and stop them.

    That young officer named Lin Jian took huge strides towards the ward entrance and was about to push the door when suddenly, the door was opened from the inside.

    A towering man in a black suit with a reserved air stood at the entrance. He gazed around from the corner of his eye. That powerful presence of a person who always found himself in top positions and the murderous aura that could only be exuded by someone who had experienced thousands of battles suddenly oozed right out.

    Lin Jian, who had long endured battlegrounds, had his sharp senses heightened towards danger. His hand suddenly felt for the weapon by his waist in alarm and he paused in his steps, not daring to continue moving forward.

    When Zhuang Liaoyuan saw Lu Tingxiao appear, the air around him suddenly dropped a few degrees too.

    The two men stood opposite each other, their presence equally matched. Suddenly, the atmosphere turned extremely tense.

    Zhuang Liaoyuan's thin lips tightened into a straight line. His voice was extremely cool as he said, "Lu Tingxiao, before this I was already against the two of you getting together because I know very well that Xiao Xi is too innocent. Families like yours aren't suitable for her. And this has been proven. All of this has come true. In such a situation, once there's a first, there might be a second.

    "I only hate myself for not stopping it in time back then and letting something like this happen today. I watched helplessly as she became the way she is today. So, I'm sorry! Today, we must take her away! In the future, whether Xiao Xi is doing well or not will have nothing to do with you Lus!"

    On the side, Zhuang Rongguang nodded in agreement. "That's right! I already thought you didn't match my cousin. She's so beautiful and wonderful. She could've married anyone. Why would she marry someone with a child from their previous marriage?! Now, my cousin has almost lost her life from rescuing your son! Isn't this enough?"

    Zhuang Zongren stood on the side without saying anything, but clearly, he agreed with Zhuang Liaoyuan. It was evident that they had set their mind to it. They were ready to take their granddaughter far, far away from the Lu family.

    Lu Tingxiao did not respond to Zhuang Liaoyuan and Zhuang Rongguang. Instead, his eyes fell onto Zhuang Zongren. "Chief Zhuang, may I speak with you privately?"

    Zhuang Rongguang became anxious when he heard this request. "What for?! What more is there to say? You should just bring your son to find some family's heiress to be his stepmother! Don't come to hurt my cousin anymore!"

    Zhuang Zongren stared solemnly at the young man opposite him. There was no shift in his eyes at all as he stared right back.

    Moments later, Zhuang Zongren said, "Okay."


    Zhuang Zongren raised his hand to tell his grandson to keep quiet, then he walked to the end of the corridor to speak alone with Lu Tingxiao.

    Zhuang Rongguang was worried about them. "Father! Why didn't you stop them earlier?! What if that guy's glib tongue bewitches Grandfather?"

    Zhuang Liaoyuan shot his son a sidelong look. "Do you think it's so easy to bewitch your grandfather?"

    Zhuang Rongguang scratched his head. "Well, you're right..."