Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1732

    Chapter 1732: Only One With Better Judgment

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    Lu Jingli acknowledged the order and immediately clicked on the recording.

    Once the recording played, the Guan family's expressions immediately changed. Before the Zhuangs could react, they quickly pulled Guan Zihao away from Zhuang Rongguang and ran off swiftly without even daring to fart.

    When Zhuang Rongguang heard the contents of the recording, he instantly erupted, "These pieces of shit!"

    They were the ones behind the incident that had gotten Sis Xi framed previously?

    Zhuang Rongguang was about to chase after them when he remembered that he had something more important to do that day, so he temporarily held himself back.

    Forget it! There's no rush! Later on, I'll have time to deal with them!

    "Huh, now you know who's right and wrong! You should have known earlier!" Zhuang Rongguang muttered coldly, "I think of all you people from the Lu family... only that guy my cousin likes has better judgment..."

    Lu Jingli quickly raised his brows and pointed at himself. "Here, here, here! There's still one more person with good judgment! I've always supported my brother and my sister-in-law! Please call me 'godly assist number two'!"

    After the misunderstanding was clarified, Zhuang Liaoyuan's expression softened.

    As for what the Guan family had said about the Lu family wanting to climb the social ladder, Zhuang Liaoyuan himself knew that this was impossible.

    Previously, his father still could not resolve the matter with Lingyu, so he had only been keeping watch of Xiao Xi in private, but he did not officially recognize the child. On the other hand, due to his own prejudice towards Lu Tingxiao, he did not want Xiao Xi to be with that fellow, so even when he clearly knew about the Lu family's situation and knew that Xiao Xi was faced with a difficult situation, he did not step in. Indeed, he had hoped she would back out from the awkward situation herself. In the end, this was the consequence.

    They played a huge responsibility in this matter too...

    That child Xiao Xi had helped them so many times, yet they could not do anything for her.

    After the Guan family ran off, Yan Ruyi walked up to Zhuang Liaoyuan and Zhuang Zongren. With a sincere attitude, she said, "Elder Chief Zhuang, General Zhuang, as parents, we were the ones in the wrong. It was us who did not see the true colors of people, and we kept misunderstanding Xiao Xi. We repeatedly stopped Tingxiao from being with that girl! But our Tingxiao is true to Xiao Xi!

    "This child is stubborn. One glance and he had his eyes set on that girl. No matter how much we advised him, his feelings towards Xiao Xi never wavered. No matter if it was the blind date banquet previously, or the intentions for marriage with the Guan family, they were all his father and my personal decisions against his will..."

    Lu Chongshan closed his eyes and sighed, "At the start, I was determined about objecting to their relationship. I told Tingxiao that as the company leader and the entire family head, his choice for a wife wasn't his matter alone. Then, Tingxiao said something to me... He said apart from me and his mother, no one else can affect his decision..."

    When he heard this, something in Zhuang Liaoyuan's eyes shifted. Zhuang Zongren's solemn expression looked deeply moved too.

    Actually, now that they recalled it calmly, they had met Lu Tingxiao a few times. He even had dinner at their house, and seeing the way he interacted with Xiao Xi, they could tell that the child was genuine about Xiao Xi.

    Zhuang Liaoyuan's prejudice towards him had mainly come from the way his family had wronged Xiao Xi...

    As Lu Chongshan spoke, tears flooded his eyes and his voice trembled slightly. "Tingxiao is a very filial son. He's always been searching for a way to please both sides. Actually, his mother and I did waver previously and were prepared to go with the flow, but who would've thought that such a turmoil would befall the Lu family?

    "Just seven days ago, Tingxiao told me that they could solve everything and had set a seven-day pact with me, but... I didn't believe him... It was my fault..."