Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1731

    Chapter 1731: Off The Charts

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    Zhuang Rongguang twisted Guan Zihao around and kicked him to the ground. His lungs were about to explode from anger. "You talk about thanking her! About sincerely making amends! All that is bullshit! My cousin isn't dead yet! You're already rushing to find another one for your son! Later on, are you going to also have the wedding ceremony in front of her ward!?"

    "Ah!" Guan Zihao's wrist was about to break from getting twisted. He shouted painfully, "No! It's got nothing to do with us! The Lu family has betrayed us and called our entire family over to get rid of the wedding contract!"


    Get rid of the wedding contract?

    Not just the Zhuangs, even Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were stunned to hear this.

    Guan Rui intentionally looked at the Zhuang family and revealed a disappointed expression. He said mockingly, "I was just saying why did Bro Lu suddenly act so heartlessly... It turns out..."

    Mother Guan took advantage of the situation and started to shout with her shrill voice, "Well, Lu Chongshan, I'm saying you initially swore and everything was going well. Why did you suddenly want to cancel the wedding contract with our family?! It turns out you've climbed on a taller branch! Imperial's Zhuang family's granddaughter! Of course, it's not something our family of a lower status can compare to! Lu Chongshan, you've really calculated well!"

    When she saw that the Guan family was blurting without thinking and inverting right and wrong, Guan Ziyao stood there with a hurt expression as if the Lu family had really been heartless. Lu Chongshan was so infuriated that his illness was almost provoked again. At that moment, he had really seen this family through and through.

    Yan Ruyi had immediately stood out and slapped Mother Guan on the face. "This slap is on behalf of my Little Treasure!"

    When she finished, another slap came. "This slap is on behalf of the girl! Chongshan and I have been treating you Guans as longtime friends of the family in vain. We believed in your family's moral character and upbringing. We didn't even care that Tingxiao already had someone he liked and repeatedly wanted to matchmake Tingxiao with your daughter!

    "Yet, you people... Until today, until Tingxiao brought out the evidence and exposed everything I didn't know all these years! The people Chongshan and I had trusted and treated as family was a pack of ravenous wolves!

    "You keep saying that you're pure and good, yet behind our backs, you have done everything dirty and vile from framing Xiao Xi, hurting Little Treasure, and even scheming how to steal our assets before even marrying into the family. Now, you're still trying to slander us by saying that we have a wedding contract with you Guans?

    "At that time, the Lu family met with trouble, and indeed I hoped that the two families could be combined through marriage as soon as possible. Not only did I try to offer Tingxiao all kinds of girls behind his back, I even knocked on your door to probe your family's intentions, yet now, what kind of attitude are you having? When you saw that the Lu family's circumstances weren't positive, you then kept making excuses!

    "Now that the company's matters have been settled, and Xiao Xi has even sacrificed her life to save Little Treasure, you guys were really thinking about reaping where you haven't sown? You really think our Lu family is a family of fools?

    "I'm telling you! Forget about that girl being in a coma right now! Even if she doesn't wake up forever, I, Yan Ruyi will acknowledge only her as my daughter-in-law!"

    Yan Ruyi's words echoed in the corridor... They echoed for a long time...

    On the side, Lu Jingli was flabbergasted. He even gasped in amazement.

    Whoa! My mother is off the charts today!

    One must know that his mother cared most about image. Her personality was delicate and gentle. Usually, she would not speak loudly much, but now she was unexpectedly so ferocious...

    Indeed, it complied with that saying: while women are vulnerable, the mother is strong.

    "Do you still want me to play your family's filthy evidence in front of Chief Zhuang and Elder Chief Zhuang?" Yan Ruyi shouted coldly, then she looked to her younger son.