Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1730

    Chapter 1730: No One From The Lu Family Is Good

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    Rage filled the young man's eyes, his tone fluctuating due to his anger. "Get lost! My cousin's in this state because of your family! And you guys still don't want to let her go! Do you think my cousin was ever alone and had no one to rely on? Let me tell you, we're surely taking her away today! Who knows what else could happen to her if she keeps on staying here?! No one from the Lu family is good!"

    His team had gone out shopping that day, so Zhuang Rongguang had grabbed the chance to sneak back home. Coincidentally, he overheard his father and grandfather, and found out that something major had happened to Sis Xi. He then also found out Sis Xi was really his cousin!

    That was it! No wonder Sis Xi was so awesome! They were a family after all!

    So, he decided to forcefully tag along with his father and grandfather to the hospital.

    His sister and mother were waiting for their news back at home. He would get Sis Xi out of this mess no matter what happened!

    Since there was something his grandfather could not say due to his position, then he would say it! He had the image of a delinquent after all. Without Bro Xi, he would have still been wandering around somewhere aimlessly!

    Zhuang Liaoyuan only shot his son a cold stare after the outburst, but there was no intention of stopping him. Apparently, he was very dissatisfied with the Lu family as well.

    Lu Chongshan's expression looked terrible after he was criticized, but he could only take them head-on. He continued with a humble attitude, "I've had a lot of misunderstandings towards Miss Ning. It's my fault and I apologize! Miss Ning saved Little Treasure this time and she's our savior. I'll give it my all to make up to her. Why would I harm her? Please, Elder Chief Zhuang and Chief Zhuang, believe me that we're going to make amends!"

    "We'll never know what you really think!" Zhuang Rongguang scoffed.

    The quiet Zhuang Liaoyuan finally spoke up, "President Lu, you don't have to. Xiao Xi has always been kind and I believe she willingly wanted to save the child. It's not related to anyone and we don't need anything. As Xiao Xi's family, we just want to get her back and we don't need outsiders to take care of her. I believe there shouldn't be any problems with this request."

    Zhuang Liaoyuan's words caused Lu Chongshan to feel at a loss.

    They did not need anything and just wanted to take Ning Xi back as her family. Of course, there was no issue at all.

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

    With the Zhuang family's current attitude, it was obvious that they would forbid anyone from the Lu family to be in contact with Ning Xi after they took her.

    Lu Tingxiao had totally fallen for this girl and Little Treasure could never leave her side. If they really took Ning Xi away, what would happen?

    "Who are these people who are being so sneaky!? Come out!" Zhuang Rongguang picked up the subtle movement with his sharp eyes. He leaped and dragged one of them out of the guest room.

    "Ah! Stop... Let go! Let go!" Guan Zihao groaned in pain. His parents and Guan Ziyao came out and tried to tug him back.

    Lu Chongshan's expression turned worse when he realized that the Guan family was still around and that the Zhuangs had discovered their presence.

    The Zhuang family was already upset with them. It seemed that this was going to deepen the misunderstanding.

    As expected, Zhuang Liaoyuan's eyes looked angrier when he saw those people. "Xiao Xi is in a coma right now, and you guys brought these people here. How sincere…"