Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 173

    Chapter 173: A Lesson

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    Late night, Lu residence.

    Ning Xi had been browsing the entertainment news online for a while, and was ready to go to bed, when a few messages suddenly popped up on MSN.

    They were from Su Yan.
    Su Yan: [Xiao Xi, where on earth are you now? I saw someone in Xueluos hospital today, was that you?]

    Su Yan: [You really went too far this time, you can't use our guilt towards you against us, were running out of patience with you!]

    Su Yan: [Running away won't fix anything, you owe Xueluo an apology!]

    Ning Xi scoffed softly, and typed a swift reply: [ I bought a watch last year! 1 ]

    At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

    "Come in~"

    Lu Tingxiao pushed the door open and walked in with a glass of hot milk in his hand. He frowned to see that she was still on her laptop. "Why are you still on the computer? You need rest."

    "I was about to, but I got disgusted at something right before bed," Ning Xi grumbled.

    Lu Tingxiao walked over and handed the milk to her. "What happened?"

    Ning Xi took the milk and thanked him, and since there was nothing worth hiding, directly showed him the chat history.

    Lu Tingxiao took one look, and his face darkened. Then he asked suspiciously, "I bought a watch last year, what does this mean?"

    "Pu" Hearing Lu Tingxiao say this sentence aloud in such a proper tone, Ning Xi almost sprayed milk from her mouth. She explained embarrassedly, "Cough, cough, this is an online term, its a a classic phrase for swearing at someone!"

    "Really? What does it mean?" Lu Tingxiao humbly asked.

    Ning Xi had no choice, and could only start to seriously teach him: "The abbreviation for I bought a watch last year is WQNMLGB umm got it?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded, having understood instantly.

    Ning Xi sighed in relief. It was a good thing the Big Demon King was so intelligent, otherwise it would have been really embarrassing for her to have to say "F*** your mothers pussy" straight out.

    On his end, Su Yan saw Ning Xis reply, and instantly sent a slew of agitated messages, the gist of all of them being that a person could still survive if they mended their ways. Adopting an out of sight, out of mind attitude, Ning Xi logged out directly and turned off her laptop.

    Seeing how Ning Xi had decisively given Su Yan the cold shoulder, Lu Tingxiao was in a very good mood. "Ive already contacted Ning Xueluo for you."

    "Really? What did you say?" Ning Xi asked instantly.

    Lu Tingxiao took his phone out and opened an email to show her.

    Ning Xi quickly drew closer for a look, and was speechless after viewing it: ""

    Apart from the evidence and a bank account number for the money transfer, Lu Tingxiao had sent just a few words, without any punctuation at all eight million yuan in twenty-four hours.

    This was totally Lu Tingxiaos style.

    "Not bad, not bad, the less you say the more panicked she will be, very nice." Ning Xi nodded her head and praised him sagaciously.

    "After you receive the money, you can discuss the termination of your contract with Starlight. When the time comes, Ill arrange for a lawyer to go with you in case they try to deliberately make trouble for you.

    "Ive already asked Jingli to prepare the contract with Glory World for you to sign. Tomorrow morning, Ill bring it to you. If there is anything that needs to be amended, well discuss it when the time comes.

    After youve signed the contract, Glory World will hold a press conference for you when the time is right, and well release the evidence. After that, we will start taking legal action"Lu Tingxiaos deep voice reverberated like a cello as he calmly told her the plan and arrangements going forward from here.

    Ning Xi was stupefied as she listened, and could only nod from time to time. Then she asked subconsciously, "So is there anything else I need to do?"

    "Eat, sleep, and get well."


    1. I bought a watch last year is a phrase used in place of F*** your mothers pussy, since the pinyin for both sentences in Chinese gives the same acronym, WQNMLGB.