Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1727

    Chapter 1727: Said They Want To Take Miss Xiao Xi Away

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    Lu Jingli thought this was funny. "He especially told him to double the dosage. Was that not his real intentions?"

    The matter had already progressed to this stage, yet Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. He stood up and left to return to Ning Xi's ward, not wanting to waste any time on anything else.

    While Lu Jingli chuckled as he picked up his phone, playing another recording. "Stop acting. I think you guys can go fight for an Oscar!"

    The voice from the recording was Mother Guan's.

    "Damn it! Isn't that Yan Ruyi an heiress from a prestigious family? How is she a dame? She's practically a shrew! Look at how she hit our Ziyao! She was so vicious with the blows!"

    "Forget it, their only beloved grandson has died. It's normal to become a little crazy." Then came Guan Rui's voice.

    When they heard these words, Mother Guan and Guan Rui suddenly turned as white as a sheet.

    What made them even more fearful were the upcoming words...

    "Silly girl, she's just grieving right now from losing her grandson. Wait till you give birth to another one for her... That was why I said that Lu Tingxiao's illegitimate child must not be kept! The Lu family values this child so much that they'd leave all their family property to him in the future. Then, wouldn't our marriage connection with the Lu family be a huge loss? Even if nothing happens to the child this time, we must think of ways to get rid of him in the future..."

    "Mother is right, Sister! Don't worry too much. Let's go home and celebrate tonight! Tomorrow, we should be able to hear the 'good news' about that little child!"


    Yan Ruyi could not believe that the whole family she had been treating as kin had such sinister intentions. The entire family, all of them were malicious!

    "Guan Rui! You... All these years, I've been helping you and treating you as a bro... You actually..." Lu Chongshan grasped his chest that was vexing with pain from an old illness, and he could not say anything more.

    Thankfully, they were in the hospital. Lu Tingxiao seemed to have been well prepared. Immediately, a doctor came in to treat the emergency and stabilized Lu Chongshan's condition.

    Someone that he had always treated as a good brother and close friend, the considerate daughter-in-law he had always fancied... He had persistently thought that the Guan family shared a profound kinship with them, that they knew their roots, and most importantly, they would not hurt Little Treasure. Besides, he had just heard them say for themselves how much they loved Little Treasure and treated him like their own grandson...

    But privately!

    Despite not even having married into the family, they were already thinking about how to kill Little Treasure and how to seize their assets!

    Yan Ruyi was aghast as she thought of whether Guan Ziyao had really been stunned back then, or was it intentional? Thinking about this made her blood run cold!

    The truth had proven that they were wrong, extremely wrong. It was them who did not see through people, and it was them who really almost killed Little Treasure.

    They were practically pushing Little Treasure into a living hell!

    Fancy that they were feeling guilty about how this marriage did not happen! They were thinking about how to make it up to them, yet they were thinking about how to celebrate when a great tragedy had fallen upon their family...

    When Guan Rui saw that everything had fallen through and was exposed, there was indignation in his eyes as he said coldly, "Bro Lu, don't blame me. If you want to point fingers, blame your son for being blind. He doesn't want my excellent daughter. He fancied a lowly actor!

    "Ask yourself honestly, if the two of our families are combined by marriage, how perfect would that be? As for Little Treasure, as long as you make Ziyao's child the heir, we obviously wouldn't make life difficult over a child! It's not too late for you to regret now!"

    "You... You shut up..." Lu Chongshan panted as he angrily rebuked. Suddenly, Xing Wu's frantic voice came from outside.

    "Elder Master, Elder Madam, Second Master! Quickly go outside and take a look! Not good! Not good! A lot of people suddenly came and they're wearing military uniforms. They said they want to take Miss Xiao Xi away!"