Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1726

    Chapter 1726: It Is All Over

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    The instant Lu Jingli clicked on the recording, the room was filled with the heavy breathing sounds of a man and woman as their bodies collided with each other.

    Even if it was just audio, everyone present was adults, and they could immediately tell what the two people were doing.

    "You damned child, why are you playing this?!" Yan Ruyi shot Lu Jingli an angry look.

    Opposite them, Guan Zihao was still listening like it was a farce, yet after a while, his expression suddenly changed as he shot a cold looked towards Su Yimo who had cowered in a corner.

    Just as Yan Ruyi was about to stop Lu Jingli from continuing the recording, there was suddenly a familiar voice from the phone.

    "Tsk, so distracted... Why? You don't care about dealing with me now that you've hooked onto Lu Tingxiao? Let's make this clear. You're a counterfeit, do you really think you can replace the original? Just in the state you're in, apart from your face, you really don't deserve to even help Ning Xi hold her shoes!"

    "I've already done all the things you want me to do. I framed Ning Xi, I've slept with so many people, I even had to sleep with the gross cook. Why won't you let me go? I don't want to do things for you anymore!"

    "Wow! Lu Tingxiao was just slightly nicer to you and let you go this time without killing you. Do you really think you can make it up there with this face of yours? Can't wait to kick me away? I'll tell you! Don't even think about it! I've spent so much money on you to fix your entire face! Want to run off so easily?"

    "Now, Lu Tingxiao has already found out about my existence. Everyone knows that I've gotten plastic surgery to look like Ning Xi. I've been exposed! I can't help you do anything anymore! You'd better not keep coming to look for me. If I get discovered by Lu Tingxiao, don't blame me for not warning you..." 


    Then, came the sound of a man and woman panting again, but at this point, they had heard enough.

    The voice in the recording was obviously Guan Zihao's.

    Deathly stillness stagnated in the room.

    It was very obvious that such a private and intimate recording could only be recorded by the people involved.

    "Bitch! How dare you!?" Guan Zihao burst with rage as he blurted out and stared at Su Yimo. Then, he suddenly clammed up. His eyes were alarmed as he realized he had just exposed himself.

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi would never have thought that everything from Ning Xi being framed and set up, to Little Treasure getting poisoned, had all unexpectedly been Guan Zihao's work. The two of them stared at the handsome and talented youth, then at the Guan family. They were in a dumbfounded daze for a long while...

    Guan Ziyao twisted her fingers nervously as she was losing her head out of fear. At the same time, she looked at her brother in disbelief.

    She had repeatedly urged him to handle this thing properly, but he had done it like this? All the way onto Su Yimo's bed? And had even left such information that was used against him!

    Just because Su Yimo had a beautiful face now?

    Even her own brother could not resist the temptation!

    Suddenly, Guan Ziyao's face turned extremely morose...

    Over... It was all over...

    Lu Jingli raised his brows. "Master Guan, do you have anything else you want to say right now?"

    Lu Chongshan's fingers were shaking. "Zihao! Y-you actually..."

    Before Lu Chongshan could say anything more, Guan Rui suddenly pushed his chair and stood up. He landed a slap on Guan Zihao's face. "Bastard! How can you do such a thing!?"

    After Guan Rui slapped Guan Zihao, he immediately turned to Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi sharply. "Bro Lu, Sis, his mother and I were unaware about this. Ziyao knew nothing at all! I didn't think that he would do such things behind our backs! Zihao is full of youthful vigor, after all. He just saw Ziyao wronged and went to such an extent because he was angry and could not bear it. He even harmed Little Treasure, but his real intentions were definitely not that..."