Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1716

    Chapter 1716: That Was His Mother

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    Chapter 1716: That Was His Mother
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    Downstairs, inside the VIP ward.

    "Little Treasure, you're up! Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? Grandmother will get someone to make whatever you like for you!"

    "Little Treasure, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Tell Grandfather!"

    Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan helped Little Treasure up carefully, then they stood by the bed and anxiously bombarded Little Treasure with questions.

    On the bed, the little guy was sitting there quietly with his clean clothes. There was a plaster on the back of his hand, and he had no expression on his pale little face as he stared blankly at Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan who kept talking to him.

    That was the scene Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao saw when they arrived.

    The two elders were speaking to the child worriedly while Little Treasure just sat on the bed quietly, devoid of expression. His eyes were like a puddle of stagnant water. There was no light in his eyes at all as if he was only a shell.

    "Jingli, Tingxiao... Look at Little Treasure! What's happened to him? He's been like this ever since he woke up. He has no reaction at all! He's not replying to anything we're asking!" Yan Ruyi panicked.

    Lu Jingli went over and gave the little guy a hug, then he patted him on the shoulder. "Don't be afraid, Little Treasure. It's alright now and you're safe. No bad guys will hurt you again! Look, Grandfather, Grandmother, and everyone are here! Everyone will protect you!"

    At this moment, the door opened and Xing Wu came in with a few boxes of food. "Madam, the meals are ready!"

    "Good, bring it over quickly!" Yan Ruyi took the boxes and said, "Little Treasure, you must be hungry after so long. Eat something, alright?"

    "Yeah... Eat something!"

    The few of them tried to get the boy to eat or say something, but no matter what they said or did, the little guy on the bed did not react at all.

    Yan Ruyi's hands were trembling. She then started crying, "What should we do?"

    Lu Chongshan closed his eyes, frustrated.

    In the end, he had made Little Treasure suffer

    Little Treasure had recovered and become a smart and cheerful kid under the girl's patient care. However, now he had turned into a state that was worse than before

    Lu Jingli closed his eyes. "Little Treasure must've known that Xiao Xi Xi... If he didn't wake up, then he wouldn't have to face all of this"

    The atmosphere in the room was heavy.

    After some time, the quiet Lu Tingxiao went to the bedside and looked at his son who was staring blankly. "I'll bring you to her."

    Yan Ruyi sounded afraid. "How can you do that!?"

    Lu Chongshan frowned as well. "Little Treasure is in shock and it's already bad enough. If he saw the condition the girl is in now"

    Lu Tingxiao bent over and carried his son up from the bed. "He'll have to face it one day."

    "But... It's too cruel" While Yan Ruyi knew they could not hide it forever, she still could not bear the agony her grandson would have to go through.

    Lu Tingxiao brought his son to the room Ning Xi was in.

    He then put his son down when they arrived at the door. The little guy stood by the door and looked at the bed in the middle of the room.

    There was a woman on it. Her face looked drained and there were bandages all over her. She was hooked up to a breathing machine. With the countless complicated tubes and wires connected to her, she looked scary.

    His breath hitched when he realized that the unnerving person who was lying in the bed was his mother.