Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1715

    Chapter 1715: Little Treasure Woke Up

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    Chapter 1715: Little Treasure Woke Up
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    The sun rose, and the bright radiance shone upon the whole city.

    The Lu family's large-scale fight for power between the eldest son and the illegimate child, as well as the the Lu Corporation and the Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group's war had ended with the Lu Corporation emerging as victor.

    Because Yi Lan's many important investments and shares suffered a steep fall and huge losses in addition to the large penalty from their trading partner, they had no choice but to toss out the Lu Corporation's shares in large quantities to repay their debts. In just one night, they had completely withdrawn from the Lu Corporation's board of directors.

    However, this incident still wavered the Lu Corporation's roots. After all, there was still much left to deal with, and the other party might come back from their defeat anytime.

    It was as if Lu Jingli had matured overnight. From being a frivolous heir without high ambitions, he had silently assumed all responsibilities, this scattered family, and this company with all the chaos breaking out everywhere...

    Ever since the start of Ning Xi's surgery, Lu Tingxiao had not left her side at all.

    Lu Jingli turned away. He covered his teary eyes and then turned to look at the man by the sickbed. He said seriously, "Bro, don't worry. You have me at the company. I'll take care of Father and Mother too. You... just have to accompany Sister-in-law... You don't have to think about anything else..."

    He understood too well. Understood how much pain and remorse he must be feeling right now.

    Until now, he still remembered the moment before the grievous news was broken. Lu Tingxiao had suddenly told him to pick Ning Xi up and put her within his line of sight.

    He had probably sensed the danger then.

    Lu Tingxiao held the girl's hands tightly. There was agony curling at the corner of his mouth.

    Huh, accompany her right now? What was the use anymore?

    Even though he did not want to admit it, he knew clearly that those pictures and his jealousy for that man had made him lose rationality and judgement in this incidente. In his absorption to resolve all of this, he had neglected the most important thing.

    He had made her wait... Wait for everything to get sorted out...

    And now, she could not even see the results.

    If only he had considered things more thoroughly, maybe all of this would not have happened...

    When he thought of this, the huge lump of hopelessness and remorse that surfaced almost swallowed him whole.

    He thought that if he had considered things more thoroughly, if he could have been calmer and less extreme, if he had not teased her right from the start... If he had not forcefully brought her into his world...

    She had been so wanton and at ease, so free, so enthusiastic. The person she liked was just like her too...

    Yet, she had slowly put away her ridged corners and folded her wings for him. She had slowly changed herself, wronged herself, and even put her life at stake...

    "Maybe I've been wrong right from the start... I shouldn't have forced her to be with me..." At that moment, the man's tone had lost all its usual arrogance and reclusiveness. His tone was weak as if it could be broken with a touch.

    Lu Jingli had never seen someone as proud as Lu Tingxiao look this frail and dispirited. His heart throbbed with pain. "Bro, what nonsense are you saying!? Xiao Xi Xi truly likes you!"

    Lu Jingli anxiously wanted to comfort him further when his phone suddenly rang. It was Yan Ruyi.

    "Hello, Mother. What happened?"

    "Hello, Jingli. Quickly come over. It's best for your brother to rush over too. Little Treasure has woken up..." From the other end of the phone came Yan Ruyi's panicked voice.

    Lu Jingli's expression tensed up. "Little Treasure is awake? Okay, I'll be there right away!"