Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1707

    Chapter 1707: I'd Like To See Who Dares To Touch Him

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    Qiao Yi used the name Tang Yi in public. Only their own people knew that his real name was Qiao Yi.

    However, now as they listened to their conversation, they were shocked to find out that Qiao Yi actually had another name, another layer of identity!

    He and Yun Shen actually shared this shocking layer of identity...

    Qiao Yi did not look too happy either. His expression was incredibly gloomy. "Yun Shen! Just for a woman, you actually speak to me like this! Just for a woman, you want to just look on as our years of efforts fall through! Did you forget how your mother died? Do you not want her to rest in peace!?"

    Opposite them, Tang Lang was picking at his ears and internally mocking him.

    Tsk, this line again! He had heard it so many times that there were calluses on his ears. Could he not say something different?

    When Yun Shen heard Qiao Yi's words, he laughed, "Right... That's right... All for a woman..."

    He suddenly stopped smiling, and his usually indifferent eyes were covered in ruthlessness and tyranny. "I already warned you long ago not to touch her!"

    As Qiao Yi watched the expression on Yun Shen's face, he felt a thud in his heart. Actually, he had already regretted it.

    He knew Yun Shen too well. It was hard for anyone to get to his heart, but once someone did, he would completely integrate them to his limits, and would not allow anyone else to touch them even for a second.

    This time, he had really gone too far. However, whenever he remembered the incident back then, whenever he saw Lu Chongshan's face, he really could not hold back. He had even disposed of that girl who had turned on them.

    He did not expect Yun Shen's reaction to be even more intense than he imagined. This time, even his mother could not constrain him.

    "Yun Shen, it's just a woman. You can have as many as you want in the future! A traitor isn't even worth what you're doing for her! Return with me right now... We..."

    Qiao Yi was speaking halfway when Lu Tingxiao had just walked out after completing a search of the building.

    Qiao Yi's expression instantly changed. He immediately ordered all his subordinates, "Capture Lu Tingxiao!"

    Lu Tingxiao's expression did not change at all as he walked right up to Qiao Yi and stopped in front of him.

    Qiao Yi sneered, "CEO Lu, you're pretty gutsy! You don't want to take the road to heaven, but you barge into hell where there isn't a door [1]!"

    In between speaking, Lu Tingxiao and his subordinates were already surrounded by Qiao Yi's people.

    Damn it! Since he could not move Yun Shen, he would just get rid of Lu Tingxiao. Get it over once and for all!

    At this moment, Yun Shen took two unhurried steps towards Lu Tingxiao. He skimmed the crowd lazily and said, "I'd like to see who dares to touch him!"

    "You! Yun Shen! Have you really gone mad?! Do you know what you're doing?" When he saw the two of them stand together before him, Qiao Yi was in disbelief.

    Why the heck would Yun Shen actually be helping Lu Tingxiao!?

    Now that Lu Tingxiao had stepped on his turf, he did not want to let go of such an extremely rare opportunity. Qiao Yi had no time to think, so he immediately commanded, "Everyone, go!"

    All around, the subordinates looked at each other. Suddenly, no one dared to move.

    "How dare you people not follow my orders!?" Qiao Yi roared.

    The people he had brought over were all his trusted aides. Even Country F was controlled by him, yet now all of these people were not following his orders!