Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1706

    Chapter 1706: Do You Deserve The Surname Yun As Well?

    Update 50 years ago

    In Country F.

    With Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen's combined forces, they sealed Country F and turned the country upside down, yet they still could not find Ning Xi and Little Treasure.

    Rationally, the other person had a woman and child with him, so the target was relatively huge. There was no way they could disappear so quietly.

    Time passed by the second. With every second of delay, Ning Xi and the child would be in more danger.

    Another half an hour passed. Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen gathered in the city. The two of them exchanged a glance and knew that the other had not found them.

    Instantly, the atmosphere stagnated to a tensed peak.

    Country F was very small and was not as big as certain cities in China. Such a long amount of time was enough for them to search the entire country and look through each area a few times, yet there were no traces at all as if they had vanished into thin air.

    Annie had already been summoned by Yun Shen. At this moment, she followed closely behind him in order to treat Ning Xi and Little Treasure immediately after they found them.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at Annie. "How much longer can they hold on for?"

    Annie's expression turned solemn when she heard this. "Bro Xi embraced Little Treasure. I couldn't see how injured he was, so I have no way of judging. As for Bro Xi, her calf, arm, abdomen, and many other parts had been shot. The most fatal one was the last attack. I speculate that... her internal organs are definitely severely harmed... I'm afraid that she sustained some terrible head injuries too..."

    When she said this, Annie almost could not continue, "Even if she got lucky and didn't die on the spot, if she wasn't immediately treated in time... she definitely... won't be able to hold on for long..."

    Annie did not answer Lu Tingxiao how long she could last because based on Ning Xi's severe injuries, with so much time delayed... she might have already...

    After Annie finished, there was a deathly stillness in the air. The two men looked ghastly as well.

    After a moment of tormenting silence later, Lu Tingxiao suddenly said, "Return to the place earlier."

    Something flashed in Yun Shen's eyes. "The place earlier? You mean?"

    Tang Lang suddenly cried out, "Right! We couldn't find them after searching for so long. Could it be that they hadn't even left that place?"

    Thus, the group rushed towards the place that Ning Xi and Little Treasure had gone missing. They started to comb every inch of the abandoned building and its ruins...

    "Ah Shen!"

    Just as Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, and everyone else was racing against time to search for them, there was suddenly an angry voice behind them.

    When he heard this voice, Yun Shen's eyes squinted as he turned around and his gaze chilled them to the bone.

    Qiao Yi was furious as he walked right up to the man. "Ah Shen! Are you crazy? How are you not keeping watch in the company?! Why did you come here? This is complete nonsense!"

    "Uncle Qiao, don't you know the reason why I've come?" The man asked in a distant tone.

    "Ah Shen! I didn't tell you about this because I didn't want to affect you. Everything I do is for your own good! And you're now ruining all of our plans! I'm ordering you to immediately return to the company right now!" Qiao Yi rebuked angrily.

    Yun Shen laughed under his breath, "Huh, ordering me? Qiao Yi... who do you think you are? My uncle? Do you deserve to? Do you even deserve the surname Yun as well?"

    "Yun Shen!" Qiao Yi's expression changed drastically as he flew into a rage.

    When both Tang Lang, who was beside Yun Shen, and Tang Ye, who was beside Qiao Yi, heard their conversation, they had incredibly flabbergasted expressions on their faces.


    Qiao Yi was... Yun Shen's uncle?