Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1703

    Chapter 1703: My Little Treasure Is Dead

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    Xing Wu suddenly felt a headache coming on when he saw who it was. They were screwed!


    "Xing Wu, Chongshan... Where's Little Treasure? Where is he? Didn't you guys already get Little Treasure back?" Yan Ruyi seized Xing Wu and looked to Lu Chongshan who lay on the bed. There was suddenly immense horror across her face. "Did something happen to Little Treasure? Tell me! Did something happen to Little Treasure?!"

    Otherwise, why would Chongshan have fallen ill?

    Lu Chongshan's face was full of fatigue as he quickly tried to console her, "Ruyi, calm down! Nothing has happened to Little Treasure... Tingxiao has already gone to save them..."

    Then, he looked at Xing Wu on the side.

    Xing Wu understood Lu Chongshan's reminding gaze and quickly followed up, "That's right, Madam. Master has already gone to save him! Very soon, we'll be able to bring them back!"

    "Really?" Yan Ruyi was pacified a little, then she reached her hand out to her chest. "Then, why... Why do I feel like I still can't be at ease? This is exactly what I felt the last time Little Treasure was kidnapped. Can Tingxiao save Little Treasure? Little Treasure will be okay, won't he?"

    "Of course, he'll be okay! Since the other party has stated their conditions for an exchange, as long as we fulfill their requests, the Little Master will definitely be okay! Madam, please wait patiently! Don't you trust Master?" Xing Wu's tone held a degree of certainty.

    "Okay, okay... I'll go recite some chants... I'll go pray for the Buddha to protect our Little Treasure... and that girl..." Yan Ruyi nodded, then she left the room in a daze.

    Xing Wu and Lu Chongshan let out a sigh of relief.

    After Yan Ruyi left, Lu Chongshan picked up the phone and played the video again. He was trying to see if he could find any clues he might have missed out on previously. Unfortunately, he still came up with nothing.

    A while later, Yan Ruyi knocked on the door and entered again. She held a cup of ginseng tea in her hands. "Chongshan, drink some ginseng tea."

    Lu Chongshan quickly put the phone down. "Okay, don't busy yourself. Rest more!"

    "I'm fine... I can't stay idle..." Yan Ruyi still looked panic-stricken as she answered Lu Chongshan. "Chongshan, do you still remember? Master Xuan Jing said that the girl would bring good luck. She could turn misfortunes into blessings! That girl has gone along too! Her good fortune will shade our Little Treasure! So, this time, our Little Treasure will definitely be okay, right? Don't dismiss all of this. Sometimes it really works!"

    Lu Chongshan agreed with her, "Yes, he'll definitely be okay! I didn't dismiss it! I do believe in it!"

    Probably because she had some spiritual support, Yan Ruyi felt slightly better. She walked out with Lu Chongshan's empty cup in her hands.

    Lu Chongshan did not notice that when Yan Ruyi left with the cup, she had silently taken his handphone...

    It was too late when Lu Chongshan realized his phone had gone missing.

    At that second, his wife's frightened shriek was heard outside the door, then bam! There was no further sound.

    Lu Chongshan quickly pulled out the drip and staggered out, then he saw that his wife had fainted with the phone still playing the video recording in her hand.

    Yan Ruyi had not believed them after all. It was probably because she saw that he was looking at his phone that she sneaked it away for a look...

    "Madam! Madam, wake up!' Xing Wu nipped Yan Ruyi's philtrum [1].

    Yan Ruyi gradually regained consciousness and she sat blankly on the cold floor. Her jet black eyes were filled with a coldness that sent chills up one's spine. "Little Treasure is dead... My Little Treasure is dead,isn't he?"