Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 170

    Chapter 170: How Can It Be Ning Xi

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    "Ning Xi? Where, where?"

    "Ning Xis here? No way! She actually dared to show up?"

    "There, over there!"

    All the reporters turned to look in unison, and one after another lifted their cameras, ready to shoot the latest news.

    Ning Xi frowned. She didnt care about herself, but her first reaction was to protect Little Bun and to not let anyone scare him.

    But before she could hug Little Bun, a large palm had pressed her head forward so that she was enveloped in warm arms,and one of her hands was gripped tightly by Little Buns soft little hand, almost as if he was telling her to not be afraid.

    As for those reporters, they all stopped ten steps away.

    Two huge men in black and wearing sunglasses appeared out of nowhere. Their expressions were fiendish, and like door gods, they blocked the path.

    "Hey, who are you people, get out of the way! Good dogs don't get in the way!" All the reporter was thinking about was grabbing a headline, and he spoke without thinking.

    But there was also a smart one in the crowd, and he pulled the guy who had spoken to a stop, his face full of fear as if he had seen something extremely frightening. "Are you out of your mind! Those are bodyguards for the Lu family!"

    "Lu Lu family youre not saying that Lu family, are you?"

    "No kidding! How many Lu families are there in the capital!"

    "But how do you know? Its not like they have letters carved on their faces!"

    "Are you a moron? Didn't you see the emblem on their clothes?"

    After being reminded, everyone retreated three steps, and those who had acted rudely apologized non-stop, their faces full of terror. "These two big brothers, were sorry, sorry! We didnt recognize who you were! Please dont hold this against us!"

    Holy shit! These were the personal bodyguards for the Lu family? Then who were the three behind them?

    The reporters wanted to figure out the situation, but as soon as they carefully extended their gazes, they were all scared into retreating back, their faces drained of color.

    The tall, strong man who held the girl in his arms had a face as cold as frost, like a god. But his eyes were so severe, and his aura too oppressive. The more experienced reporters were the ones who were the best at reading people, and they instantly understood thatthis was not a man to be trifled with. At the same time, when they settled down, they felt that something wasnt right

    What Ning Xi, you saw wrong! Thats a family of three! How can that woman possibly be Ning Xi!"

    "Exactly! Did you go crazy with wanting that headline too much? Everyone looks like Ning Xi to you!"

    "One look at this person and you know hes notsomeone to be trifled with, you want to get us all killed?!"

    One by one, the reporters started to grumble at the person who had first shouted.

    "Eh, I probably saw wrong, but she really looks similar, you guys also got confused at the beginning, didn't you"

    "Similar my butt! That Ning Xi is a poisonous snake, but you can tell this miss is a good wife and loving mother. She has a noble and refined temperament, how are they alike!"

    "Exactly! So gentle and so cute! How could she be Ning Xi that wicked bitch!"

    By now, the elevator had arrived with a ding.

    Even after the three of them had disappeared in the elevator, the reporters were still sighing:

    "Aiyaya, did you see that little boy just now, he was so beautiful! He looked like an exact copy of that man, you can tell with one look that theyre father and son!"

    "Who on earth is he in the Lu family? His aura was so scary!"

    "I keep thinking that man looks a little familiar ehwhy do I feel that he looked a little like the God of Fortune?"

    "Shut up, he really did look like him! Then that little boydont tell me that was the legendary little prince?"