Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1696

    Chapter 1696: Dies Right In Front of You

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    Chapter 1696: Dies Right In Front of You
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    "Tonight, I want to treat you to a show, Director Lu... A good show..."

    As he observed the man's cold and sadistic gaze filled with a madness for revenge and as he heard this sentence, all of Lu Chongshan's calm rationality vanished at that moment. He shouted to Xing Wu as his voice almost broke, "Inform Tingxiao! Immediately inform Tingxiao now!"


    "Shut up! Hurry!"


    On the other end of the video, the middle-aged man smiled delightedly when he saw his reaction. "How unfortunate... It's already too late..."

    The second the middle-aged man finished, the video changed to a different shot. The camera pointed at the abandoned ruins underneath the tall platform, then it gradually zoomed in. The scene in the shot was very clear. Although it was night time, one could clearly see the situation down below.

    Finally, the screen showed a familiar figure.

    It was that woman!

    Ning Xi carried Little Treasure tightly in her embrace, swiftly rushing out of a building. She checked around vigilantly, then headed towards a distance with all her might and speed. However, she did not know that what waited for her was not life, but a long plotted inescapable net, a crazy massacre...

    Without any warning, there was the explosion of a gunshot from the phone.

    "Ah!" Ning Xi cried out under her breath. Her wrist that got shot instantly bled.

    Ning Xi's face suddenly revealed immense despair and panic. She could not care less about the gunshot wound on her arm. She squeezed Little Treasure in her arms tightly, looked up, and studied the empty surroundings as if there were numerous monsters hiding and waiting to tear them apart.

    "Mommy..." Little Treasure suddenly cried out, his little face filled with terror.

    "Baby, don't be scared! That was fake... fake... Mommy was just lying to people..." Ning Xi used an extremely gentle tone to comfort him. When the little guy was not noticing, she rapidly tapped the back of Little Treasure's neck with controlled force.

    The little guy's terror-filled eyes gradually closed and he fell into a deep sleep.

    Ning Xi tied Little Treasure tighter to her again, then she continued to run forward without hesitation.

    10 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters... As she was about to reach the next juncture

    Bam! There came another gunshot.

    Ning Xi's right leg fell into a kneeling position on the ground. She bent over akin to a dried shrimp to protect the child as her chin trembled. Very quickly, she stood up again and dragged her bleeding leg. At a speed no slower than before, she swiftly continued to run forward.

    She did not stop for a second.

    Even if she knew that she was surrounded by a group of beasts and it was close to impossible to survive, even if the pain on her leg was excruciating, she had to escape! She had to escape out of this place! She had to bring Little Treasure out of here! She had promised Little Treasure...

    The other party was like a cat catching a mouse. Every time he saw that the girl could not hold on any longer, he would intentionally let her stop, let her have time to catch her breath, and when she was about to see hope again, he would crush her hopes to pieces with a gunshot...

    Her arm, her calf, her torso, her ankle... The other party did not shoot her fatal parts intentionally, yet he had tossed her into the sky and let her fall ruthlessly with every gunshot.

    While the girl clearly knew the other person's game, after every time she tripped, she would continue to move forward without hesitation.

    "Enough!" Lu Chongshan held his violently aching heart and shouted into the phone, "I said enough! What do you want?! Yun Yi! What do you want?! You want the Lu family, don't you?! I'll give it to you! You let go of the child! Let go of him! Did you hear me!"

    The middle-aged man appeared on the phone screen again. When the man saw his pained expression, he laughed frantically, "Hahahaha... What do I want? Lu Chongshan! I want you to be in so much pain that you don't want to live! I want you to look on helplessly as your closest kin dies right in front of you!"