Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1695

    Chapter 1695: Treat You To A Good Show

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    Chapter 1695: Treat You To A Good Show
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    In the suburbs of Beijing.

    "Uncle Qiao! Something's gone wrong!"

    "What is it?" Qiao Yi, who was fondly recalling people in the past, looked up unhappily as he was disrupted.

    "It's... It's Tang Xi... Tang Xi killed two guards... She brought the child with her and escaped!" Feng Jin panted as he reported.

    "Where did they go?" Qiao Yi frowned. He was upset that it had been such a simple mission, yet they repeatedly ran into problems.

    "They are still within our territory. They should... should not be able to escape!" Even though Feng Jin said this, in reality, his tone sounded uncertain.

    This woman was too unpredictable. In that situation with such tight security and a child with her, she had actually killed two A-grade mercenaries and escaped.

    Qiao Yi's hand that was stroking his necklace stopped. He slowly got up, fixed his sleeves, and said, "Let's go."

    "You want to personally go and..." Feng Jin was shocked.

    "What if I don't go? Which one of you will dare to touch that girl?" The man's expression was so sinister that one's soul started to tremble too.

    Indeed, Feng Jin turned pale when he heard this.

    What did Qiao Yi mean?

    The man regretfully shook his head and sighed, "That girl is quite naturally talented. There's a friendship between us with me as her master. Sadly, she chose to take this path that she shouldn't have... Well, then we can't keep her..."

    Feng Jin watched the flash of perverted madness in the man's eyes and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.


    At the Lu family's old residence.

    "Master, everyone's already gone out to search, but there's still no news!"

    "No one from their side has contacted us either!"


    As Lu Chongshan listened to the reports from his subordinates, he looked at the silent handphone and landline. He glanced at the numbers on the clock approach zero by the second, his fingers starting to quiver more and more uncontrollably. The bad feeling in his heart started to grow too.

    "Master, what do we do now? Do we want to... continue waiting?" Xing Wu's forehead was full of nervous sweat as he looked at the time on the wall.

    There was still ten more minutes till midnight.

    "How's it going at the company?" Lu Chongshan asked.

    Xing Wu answered, "Earlier, Cheng Feng sent news that all is going well. We're almost there! The shares have fallen close to their base prices. If they don't protect their trades soon, they definitely won't be able to keep those shares. If they do, then they'll still suffer a huge loss. They might not be able to hold on any longer..."

    Lu Chongshan's voice trembled as he said with much difficulty, "Just.. wait a bit more..."

    Xing Wu only replied, "Understood..."

    Time passed by, one second after another.

    It was just a few short minutes, yet it felt as long as a few decades.

    Ringggg! The sound of the primitive default ringtone broke the silence of the living room akin to a sudden clap of thunder.

    Lu Chongshan's phone rang and on the screen of the handphone popped up an unknown number, requesting for a video call.

    "It's here!" When Xing Wu saw it, his eyes widened.

    It was finally here!

    He knew that they would contact him!

    Lu Chongshan calmed himself down, then he clicked to answer the call.

    In the next second, the phone screen flickered, then it showed a middle-aged man's face.

    The man wore a navy blue Tang suit and it seemed like he was sitting on a tall platform. The stage's strong lights shone downwards. Below it was the abandoned ruins of a city. The light illuminated every corner of the ruins clearly with nothing to hide.

    "Yun Yi!" Lu Chongshan stared at the middle-aged man's face, horror etched on his expression.

    The man lowered his head and laughed, "Haha, so you still remember me, Director Lu? I thought that you're a noble blood who forgets many things!"

    "Yun Yi, you still have time to stop all of this. You know that what happened back then..." Lu Chongshan spoke in a lowered voice.

    The man cut him off by laughing sympathetically, "Director Lu, no need to mention what happened back then. There's no need to play games and delay anymore. I'm not planning to do something as boring as ordering the dukes about in the name of the emperor in captivity..."

    When the man said this, he chuckled slyly. "Haha, tonight, I want to treat you to a show, Director Lu... A good show..."