Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1694

    Chapter 1694: Dont Forget Shes Tang Xi

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    Chapter 1694: Dont Forget Shes Tang Xi
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    The little bun screamed. He cried as he hugged Ning Xi who was rolling around. "Mommy"

    The guard could not help it anymore. "I'll go in and take a look!"

    Before his partner could say anything, he stated coldly, "The bosses ordered us to keep that woman. Are you going to be responsible if anything happens to her?"

    The partner spoke in a sarcastic tone, "That's Tang Xi! And don't forget that she's an actress!" He added, "And a very outstanding actress at that!"

    He was obviously well-informed about Ning Xi.

    The guard, who was about to go in, hesitated and stopped in his tracks. He just observed what was happening inside.

    "Mommy... Please save my Mommy!"

    The child was crying hysterically as he knelt down before the steel door and begged them to save his mother. Even cold-blooded people who underwent special training could not help but frown at this situation.

    At the same time, the frequency of the woman jerking was getting lesser and lesser. Blood started foaming out of her mouth. In the end, she stopped moving

    Finally, both the guards had a change in expression.

    One of them opened the door and rushed in, while the other one stood by the door and cautiously held his gun up.

    The guard who rushed in went beside Ning Xi and kicked her. He then squatted down and checked her.

    The tide turned at the exact moment. The man's feet was swiped by a huge force. He fell down on the floor, head first. In the next second, the woman's bloody eyes turned sheer cold. She covered the child's eyes with one hand and grabbed the guard's hand holding the gun with the other. She aimed at the guard on the outside and pulled the trigger by pushing the man's hand. The bullet shot from the silencer and went through the guard's forehead. He fell backward while maintaining his shooting position.

    Another silent gunshot went off as she shot through the heart of the other guard.

    All of it happened in the blink of an eye, and there were now two corpses in the room.

    Yes, she was Tang Xi. She was an outstanding actress.

    So what if they knew about her?

    True acting was just that. No matter how well you understood her, the moment she was immersed in her role, even she would forget that she was acting.

    "Mommy" Little Treasure pulled his mother's palm away. He looked coldly at the two corpses on the ground without any fear.

    However, when he saw his mother, he leaped towards her worriedly. "Mommy, you're alright"

    "I'm alright. I was just tricking them. I'm sorry I made you worry!" Ning Xi kept the gun at the back of her trousers, then she picked Little Treasure up and found a rope on one of the guards' bodies. She tied Little Treasure tightly in front of her.

    "Don't worry, baby. Mommy will bring you out of here!" Just as Ning Xi finished preparing herself, loud, alarming sirens started ringing inside the empty house. The two bodies were glowing with red lights.

    "Damn it!" Ning Xi's expression changed as she stared at the red lights.

    She did not expect there to be sensors on the both of them. If a person with a sensor died or their heartbeat was odd, the linked system would trigger the alarm.