Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1692

    Chapter 1692: As Long As Im With Mommy

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    Chapter 1692: As Long As Im With Mommy
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    In a manor in the suburbs of Beijing.

    "Uncle Qiao! The Lu Corporation didn't react at all. It seems that Lu Chongshan hid the incident from Lu Tingxiao and sent people to pursue us in secret. Should we contact Lu Chongshan?" Feng Jin was waiting for orders.

    "What's the point of contacting Lu Chongshan?" Qiao Yi asked.

    Feng Jin was taken aback. "Well, of course"

    "Do you think I want to threaten Lu Chongshan with that child?" Qiao Yi asked with a questionable smile.

    Feng Jin was confused. "You don't? Then, what do you plan to do?"

    Qiao Yi was sitting on a long, red wooden chair. He gazed outside into the dark coldly. An ugly, ferocious beast hid in the deepest parts of his soul, longing to break free. He then slowly answered Feng Jin, "Kill that child."

    Feng Jin's pupils shrunk, his face filled with fear. "What?"

    The man laughed coldly. "What now? Are you scared?"

    Feng Jin looked down and tried to hide his horror. "No... Just"

    "What's there to be afraid about? Everything will be ours after tonight. Lu Chongshan will be reduced to being a loser!"

    Feng Jin frowned. Even if that was the case, they did not have to kill the child, did they? There were so many other better ways to do this

    What if killing the child caused an extreme reaction from the Lu Corporation?

    "Any more problems?" Qiao Yi glared at the person before with him his ghost-like eyes.

    Feng Jin felt a chill run down his spine. "Nope! I'll execute it now!"

    Afterward, he thought of something, then asked again, "Then... What about Tang Xi?"

    The only unexpected thing was that they had caught Tang Xi too. She had almost ruined their plan.

    Could Uncle Qiao want Tang Xi?

    As he thought about it, Feng Jin's arm that had been shot by Yun Shen before unconsciously jerked.

    Qiao Yi sighed and said in a helpless tone, "Keep her. It's rare for Shen to have found something he likes. Let her see with her own eyes how the child will die."

    So that she would know the consequences of being a traitor

    Feng Jin's voice trembled slightly. "Noted."

    After Feng Jin left, Qiao Yi gently touched the necklace around his chest. He unclasped it and looked at the picture inside. While his eyes seemed gentle, it was terrifying at the same time. "Heh... Lu Chongshan... After letting you live happily for so many years, it's time... I'll let you have a taste of losing your dear ones... ha... hahaha"

    His psychotic laugh echoed through the night, making everyone shiver.

    Ning Xi and Little Treasure were brought to a 20-meter square feet house while blindfolded.

    There were no windows in the house. There was only a steel door and two men on guard outside. Inside, there was nothing except her and Little Treasure. She had no idea where they were.

    No one talked to them after she and Little Treasure were imprisoned there.

    Time passed slowly and soon, two hours went by.

    Ning Xi's expression became more and more solemn as time passed.

    "Little Treasure, are you scared?" Ning Xi hugged the little guy tightly.

    Little Treasure shook his head as he was hugged warmly by his mother. He did not look afraid. "As long as I'm with Mommy!"

    Ning Xi kissed the little guy's forehead gently as she hid the darkness in her eyes. "Good."