Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 169

    Chapter 169: Really Want To Steal Him Home

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    Ning Xi finishedgoing through her calls record, and had moved on to her messages when she was taken aback by one in particular.

    [Dearest, I really underestimated your courage.]

    Sender: YS

    What did this guy mean by sending her such a statement out of nowhere? What did she do?

    Lu Tingxiao had deleted the call log, soNing Xi naturally didn't know about the call between the two men that night.

    "What is it?"Lu Tingxiao asked, seeing something was off about her appearance.

    "Nothing" Ning Xi just assumed that person was acting crazy, and paid it no mind. She put her phone down and asked, "When is Little Treasure coming?"

    "He should be arriving soon."

    Hearing that, Ning Xi immediately fixed her hair subconsciously. "Wheres the hair clip Little Treasure gave me?"

    "Here, I put it away for you." Lu Tingxiao opened the bedside table drawer, took the pink hair clip out, and passed it to her.

    Ning Xi immediately clipped it back on happily.

    Seeing the hair clip in Ning Xis hair, Lu Tingxiao felt a little regret; if he had known earlier, he wouldnt have given her a gun. If he had given something like a necklace, bracelet or earrings, she could at least wear it on her

    Actually, he had already prepared a gift a long time ago: a ring. Unfortunately, it still wasnt the right time to give it to her.

    As the two of them were speaking, there was a knock on the door.

    Ning Xi rolled out of bed to open the door, and sure enough, Little Treasure had arrived.

    "Darling, youre here!"

    After Little Treasure entered, he used his little hand to pull urgently on her clothes, as if he wanted her to bend a little.

    "Whats wrong?" Ning Xi crouched down.

    Little Treasure immediately bumped his little head into Ning Xis forehead with a serious face.

    Ning Xi couldn't help laughing aloud. "Heh, darling, are you taking my temperature? Don't worry, I just measured it, and the fevers already gone!"

    Little Treasures face was still full of worry, and his heart hurt to look at the bruises on the back of her hand from the IV drip.

    Ning Xi embraced the little guy in her arms and patted him comfortingly. "Dont frown, Auntie is all healthy now after seeing you!"

    Little Treasure was a miracle cure, she really wanted to steal him home.

    "Want to take a walk?"Lu Tingxiao suggested.

    "Yes, yes!" After sleeping for a whole day, Ning Xi was ready to move about, and it also wasnt good to make Little Treasure accompany her in the ward either.

    On their way to the elevator, the three of them passed a ward which had a horde of reporters crowded noisily around its entrance with their cameras, all of them trying to interview the woman in the room:

    "Xueluo, have you gotten in touch with Ning Xi yet?"

    "Not yet, I haven't heard anything about her."

    "Ning Xi fled to avoid being punished, what do you have to say about this? What do you plan to do next?"

    "I I dont know until now I still cant believe she could do such a thing"

    "Weve heard that Ning International and Starlight Entertainment have already withdrawn their investments in protest, is that true? Has there been any reply from the production team? Will they replace Ning Xi?"

    "Im not sure about this, you can ask the representative for the production team."

    "If Ning Xi apologized to you, would you forgive her?"

    "If she really meant it with her heart, I could personally forgive her for this confusion, but the negative impact which she has had on the entertainment industry cannot be fixed with an apology, and I also wouldn't be in a position to forgive her for that!"

    Ning Xi couldnt help raising an eyebrow at Ning Xueluos white lotus 1 drama,and it was only at that moment that she realized that she was in the same hospital and on the same floor as Ning Xueluo.

    At this moment, one of the reporters noticed Ning Xi standing by the elevator opposite the ward, and immediately shouted, "Ning Xi "

    1. White lotus here refers to Ning Xueluo pretending to be vulnerable and innocent.