Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1676

    Chapter 1676: Where's Mommy?

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    Chapter 1676: Where's Mommy?
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    Lu Chongshan's temper shot up. "Shameful punk, Little Treasure is your son! Are you neglecting your son just for a woman? This woman didn't spare to striking Little Treasure down to stop you from marrying other women! Things have already turned out this way, yet you still want to shield her?"

    On such an occassion, something like this had happened to Little Treasure, disrupting the "tea party". Combined with his fixated prejudice, Lu Chongshan obviously immediately thought that Ning Xi would be the one who benefitted the most out of the situation.

    Yan Ruyi had obviously thought of that too. She looked coldly towards Ning Xi and stood beside Little Treasure in alarm. "Tingxiao, you've really overstepped it this time!"

    Ning Xi frowned and was about to say something when Lu Tingxiao gave her a consoling glance. As he looked at his parents, his expression was stony. "Reason."

    "Reason? Does this still need a reason? It's an open secret!"

    "Based on what you both are saying, the reason Xiao Xi would do this is to stop the 'tea party', isn't it?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    Lu Chongshan snorted, "Is it not?"

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "This reason doesn't hold water."

    Lu Chongshan took a deep breath. "You should explain yourself. How does this reason not hold water?"

    Lu Tingxiao answered, "The tea party was something that our family of three discussed to be the best way to delay time, so why would she want to stop it?"

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were speechless.

    The two of them almost choked on Lu Tingxiao's words that held a great amount of nonchalance and confidence that justice was on their side.

    On the side, Lu Jingli's mouth twitched. He quickly tried to smooth things out, "Father, Mother, can the both of you calm down? We haven't investigated this properly! Wouldn't it be inappropriate to convict her of the crime right now? Maybe Little Treasure ate something else in school?"

    "Little Treasure would never simply eat food from outside!" Yan Ruyi said in a certain tone.

    Lu Jingli could only turn things around and say, "Okay, okay, okay. Even if Little Treasure only ate the food that my sister-in-law prepared, how can you guarantee that someone didn't pull any tricks somewhere in between? Based on what you said, my sister-in-law did this to stop the occassion, but can I also point out that someone might have intentionally used this incident to frame and set her up?"

    "You two have all been charmed silly by this woman..."

    Lu Chongshan was still raving mad and was about to continue when suddenly came the sound of a weak voice.


    "Mommy's here!" Ning Xi quickly held Little Treasure's small hand.

    "Little Treasure! Little Treasure, you're awake!"

    "Don't get up, lie down properly!"

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi set aside their grievance that Ning Xi had called herself his mother. They all rushed to the bedside and watched the little guy's weak gestures, their hearts aching incredibly.

    When Little Treasure saw his mother by his side, he softened into a relieved smile, his little cherub face clingily rubbing against his mother's hand.

    Soon after, Little Treasure looked towards his grandfather and grandmother and apologized, "Grandfather... Grandmother... I'm very sorry. Little Treasure lied to you two."

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi exchanged a look, then they quickly looked towards their grandson. "Baby, what are you saying? Lied to us?"

    Little Treasure nodded as he said word for word seriously, "Previously, I said I would earnestly consider those sisters, but I lied to you two. My real aim was to delay time. There's only Mommy Xiao Xi in my heart. As intelligent, excellent, or pretty as they may be, they aren't my mother. Besides, my Mommy Xiao Xi is the best."

    "Little Treasure..." Ning Xi was so moved that she did not know what to say.