Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1672

    Chapter 1672: Our Baby Is Beyond-This-World Cute

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    Chapter 1672: Our Baby Is Beyond-This-World Cute
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    On the side, Lu Chongshan, Yan Ruyi, and Lu Jingli looked over nervously at Little Treasure.

    Then, they saw that Little Treasured blink before asking, "Sister, do you know how to sing?"

    Chi Yingying was stunned for a moment. "I do."

    Little Treasure happily declared, "That's great! Then, Sister, can you sing 'Leap Frog' for me? I really like this song. Every night, I have to listen to it to sleep. Otherwise, I won't be able to fall asleep!"

    Chi Yingying was dumbfounded. "Uhh..."

    'Leap Frog'?

    What was that?

    No, wait... Was this little prince not a prodigy? Why was he asking her to sing him a children's song?

    However, if you were to ask her to point out what was not right with the question, she would be tongue-tied as well. He was a child who had just entered kindergarten, so the fact that he wanted to listen to children's songs before sleeping at night, hoping that his stepmother would sing it for him the next time was incredibly normal.

    Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were very surprised that Little Treasure would come up with such a question, but upon pondering, they just felt their hearts fill with an ache. Even if he was very sensible, he was still just a child!

    Their Little Treasure had come up with an excellent topic!

    "Sis Chi, don't you know how to?" Little Treasure revealed a disappointed expression.

    Chi Yingying looked awkward. "I'm sorry, I really don't know this song..."

    Little Treasure said again with anticipation, "Then, Sis Chi, do you know other children songs?"

    The little guy looked like he quite liked her since he had actually given her a second chance.

    Chi Yingying looked worse. "Well... I don't know either... I'm not good at this kind of songs..."

    She had been receiving an elite education since she was young, so she would not know things like children songs. Even if she had heard one or two lines, she was afraid that stumbling while singing it would only make things worse.

    She could not have predicted that the little prince would come up with such a topic. She was not prepared at all!

    Thus, the most hopeful talented Harvard graduate, Chi Yingying, was stumped by this request for the "Leap Frog" song.

    Lu Jingli recalled the first time he heard Ning Xi sing "Leap Frog" to Little Treasure back then and he felt incredibly rueful.

    Back then he was despondent that his little bun would actually like listening to such childish songs, but later on, he was rueful that Xiao Xi Xi actually knew how to sing such songs.

    Lu Jingli thought about it as he added his brother and Xiao Xi Xi into a group chat, then he sent out a message to the group: [The first one, Chi Yingying, has fallen! Little Treasure's task was to sing the song "Leap Frog"! Isn't he savage?]

    Very soon, there were replies in the group chat.

    [Lu Tingxiao: ...]

    [Ning Xi: You're the fierce one! Our baby is beyond-this-world cute!]

    As for Chi Yingying's elimination, the two elders did not have any objections. Instead, they started comforting the little bun endearingly.

    "Little Treasure, don't be sad. There're still many sisters after this! There'll be someone that Little Treasure likes!"

    "Yes, yes, yes, Little Treasure. Let's continue!"


    At this moment, when the heiresses outside saw Chi Yingying walk out looking miserable, all of them felt a chill in their hearts.

    "Why does Chi Yingying looks so terrible? Has she been eliminated?"

    "Her face has already turned so dark. She must've been!"

    "We're over! For even Chi Yingying to be eliminated, how hard were the questions?!"


    "Number two, Miss Song, please come in!"

    After the second heiress entered, LIttle Treasure had obediently greeted her as usual, then came the question. "The time starts now. In ten minutes, as long as you can make me speak, you'll pass!"